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Las Frigatas

2010 International Photography Exhibition
“Las Frigatas”
Location: Isla Corazon, Ecuador
Photographer: Wen Qi
Home Country: United States
University Affliation: Undergraduate Student
Category: Animals
Award: Honorable Mention

In the photographer's words: "With a fisheye lens, these birds were caught soaring over the beautiful heart shaped mangrove island called “Isla Corazon." Isla Corazon is a reforested mangrove island animal wildlife sanctuary and is home to dozens of unique birds and sea life. These birds are Ecuador's native frigate birds.  They have the largest wingspan to body weight ratio of any bird and are have the impressive ability to able to stay aloft for more than a week, landing only to roost or breed on trees or cliffs. Isla Corazon in Canoa, Ecuador is a nesting site to one of the largest frigate bird colonies in the Pacific. A canoe trip through the island with a indigenous guide teaches the history of the area and the importance of the endangered habitat which is disappearing at an alarming rate. These majestic birds soaring above their fragile island are a reminder of the importance of protecting our environment. Though these birds have the ability to be in flight for long periods of time, they too deserve a reliable place on this earth to land."

Las Frigatas