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Junior Buddy the Jaguar

2010 International Photography Exhibition
“Junior Buddy the Jaguar”
Location: Belize Zoo, Belize City, Belize
Photographer: Stephanie Cedeno
Home Country: United States
University Affliation: Undergraduate Student
Category: Animals
Award: 1st Place

In the photographer's words: "The aggressiveness of this photo is only a facade. While Buddy may seem terrifying he is not your ordinary jaguar. Buddy let us play with him, he entertained us with summersaults, and he even licked our heads! Buddy was raised as a cub by the Belize Zoo staff after being abandoned by her mother. The love and attention given by the zoo keepers has made her friendly to visitors of the zoo. Buddy is thus somewhat a diplomat for the small zoo, becoming a valuable tool in educating visitors about the beauty and importance of their species. I think what is most importantly and beautifully represented is the connection between humans and animals. The zoo keepers became Buddy's parents and they formed a relationship based on trust, love, and respect. This photo of Buddy solidifies my belief that nature is beautiful and magical, and can create the most unusual of friendships, soloidying the relationship/bond between human and animals."

Junior Buddy the Jaguar