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Camel, on the Silk Road

2010 International Photography Exhibition
“Camel, on the Silk Road”
Location: Mingsha Mountain, Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, China
Photographer: Lang Zhao
Home Country: China
University Affliation: Undergraduate Student
Category: Animals
Award: 2nd Place

In the photographer's words: "This photo was taken near Dunhuang City, which originally was a very important location on the Silkroad in northwestern China. Camels were heavily utilized  as transportation to support trade in ancient days. Now, these camels are specially used for tourism purposes, letting the visitors to obtain a direct feel of the ancient trading life. The camel on this picture was taking a break. It was my first time to see how camels yawn, and it was really surprising. I  focused on the wide open mouth and tried to make the depth of field shallow in order to emphasize this exaggerated mouth movement."

Camel, on the Silk Road