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A Touch of Sea Urchin

2010 International Photography Exhibition
“A Touch of Sea Urchin”
Location: Betty's Bay near Cape Town, South Africa at low tide
Photographer: Bianca Hettlich
Home Country: United States
University Affliation: Faculty
Category: Animals
Award: 3rd Place

In the photographer's words: "Looking at sea life through the water's surface gives you such a pallid glimpse of the incredible beauty that lies beneath. I saw my first sea urchins during a visit to a small beach near Cape Town and was enthralled by their colors and anatomy. When taking this photo I was trying to better capture the rich color and depth of this amazing sea creature by removing the sun's glare from the water's surface. I didn't realize until after that I had mimicked the urchin's spikes with my hand. Freudian slip?"

A Touch of Sea Urchin