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MeghanaMenta webMeghana Menta, a freshman double majoring in business and psychology at Ohio State Newark, studied abroad on the Past, Present and Future of Liverpool spring break program. 
The summer I graduated from high school, I decided to take some time to write out a goal sheet for my college experience. My first goal was to travel to a new location every break with The Ohio State University. This would be the very first time I traveled to another country without my parents. Keeping that in mind, I decided to take my first trip abroad in Europe. I wanted to be able to speak the language and easily find my way around the area for my first trip without my family. In the future, I plan to take some trips to countries in which I do not know the language and in which I can make a difference.

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Andrew Cruse webAndrew Cruse, assistant professor of architecture, is the recipient of a prestigious 2019-2020 Fulbright Scholar Award to Australia.

Cruse carry out his research, entitled “Promoting Indoor Climate Change,” at the University of Technology Sydney from March – June 2020. This project looks at reducing building energy use by allowing indoor climates to vary based on exterior weather.

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Foodborne illnesses are critical global health problems, resulting in an estimated 600 million illnesses annually. Low- and middle-income countries bear most of the burden, largely due to poor food handling practices, weak regulatory systems and inadequate food safety laws.

Barbara Kowalcyk, an assistant professor in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University, wants nothing more than to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. She hopes her research study funded by a $3.39 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID) will provide important information that can be used to help improve food safety and enhance nutrition in low- to middle-income countries.

Over the next four years, the grant will be used to develop and implement a risk-based framework for food safety management and resource allocation with the goal of reducing foodborne illnesses and deaths and increasing equitable consumption of a safe, affordable and nutritious diet.

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IMG 7944 webJoseph Galron-Goldschläger, associate professor of University Libraries, is the recipient of the prestigious 2019 Middle East and North Africa Fulbright Award to Israel.

Galron-Goldschläger will be in Israel from September to December 2019 to continue his “Modern Hebrew Literature: A Bio-Bibliographic Lexicon” project which began 15 years ago. While in Israel, he will utilize the library and historical resources at Ben Gurion University in the Negev, the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem and the Gnazim Institute in Tel Aviv.

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DSC 1819The Office of International Affairs has partnered with the Offices of Outreach and Engagement, Service-Learning, Student Life and Student Academic Success and the Wexner Medical Center to recognize faculty, staff, students and community partners with the University Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards program. The deadline for the International Engagement Awards has been extended to Friday, March 15.

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Hong Kong Alumni Group PhotoThe China Gateway recently released its 2018 annual report and summary report.

The office continues to find success in three key areas, including faculty support, student engagement and service and alumni engagement. The office finds opportunties to expand locally and internationally and further engagement and impact in East Asia. The China Gateway has explored new initiative such as the Smart City, Smart Mobility Pan-Asia Forum.

Read the 2018 annual report and the 2018 annual report summary.

Consulate General of Canada visits Ohio StateOhio State welcomed Joseph Comartin, Canada's Consul General to Ohio, to campus on February 27 for a discussion about past, present and future trade between Ohio and Canada and means to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the countries.

Hosted by Gil Latz, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, Consul General Comartin met with university leaders including Randy Smith, vice provost for academic programs, Beth Hume, vice provost and dean of undergraduate education, Stacy Rastauskas Bretherton, vice president for government affairs, Rick Herrmann, chair, department of political science, and Bill Shkurti, vice president for business and finance, emeritus.

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KellyGeorgeKelly George is no stranger to education abroad. An assistant professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, she has led over 630 students abroad since 2008 on programs ranging from Exotic Animal Behavior and Welfare and Human-Animal Interactions to Scotland’s Ruminants and Equine Studies in Europe.

“Our education abroad courses are designed to offer students an intensive short-term experience examining different aspects of animal sciences in other cultural contexts. We have determined short-term experiences better meet the schedules and budgets of our students, and therefore have been quite successful in recruitment and overall student satisfaction.

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Taste of OSU 2019 Chair and Chair-Elect

Ohio State’s Project Narrative is a cluster of faculty, visiting scholars and graduate students who work on narrative and narrative theory.

Since 2011, the project has hosted 25 international scholars. Mari Hatavara is a current visiting scholar from Tampere University (Finland) working with Professor Jim Phelan, director of Project Narrative.

Hatavara chose to work alongside Phelan, because of Project Narrative'’s reputation and because it has been a long time partner of Tampere University and the center for interdisciplinary narrative studies, Narrare.

“As the leading narrative research center in the world Project Narrative is an attractive research environment to visit,” said Hatavara.

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Taste of OSU 2019 Chair and Chair-Elect

If you are a student interested in putting your organizational and leadership skills to the test, then you should become the co-chair, or chair-elect, of one of our signature events - Thanksgiving or Taste of OSU.

The Office of International Affairs is accepting applications from students who want to learn more about running a planning committee, budgeting, time management and communications.

Applicants for the Thanksgiving co-chair position should be rising juniors and seniors. Students interested in applying for the Taste of OSU chair-elect position will need to be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in spring 2021.

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