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International Affairs Committee


The International Affairs Committee represents every academic, administrative and vice presidential unit of the university. Working in five subcommittees, the International Affairs committee addresses the strategic goals from the Vice Provosts' and President's Council on Strategic Internationalization. Each of the 34 committee members has been nominated by a dean or head of unit.

The mission of the International Affairs Committee is to serve as a liaison between colleges and vice-presidential areas to facilitate institution-wide internationalization efforts; advocate in units regarding international issues and projects and bring unit-specific concerns to the general attention of the committee; and work in small groups to develop policies, plans and solutions for the implementation of specific internationalization tasks. The International Affairs committee is chaired by Gifty Ako-Adounvo, assistant vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, and convened by Esther Gottlieb, senior advisor for international affairs.

Each subcommittee addresses one goal of the 2009 Vice Provosts' and President's Council on Strategic Internationalization:

  • Internationalizing the student learning experience
  • Grow international faculty and diversify the international student body
  • Promote and recognize scholarship on major international issues
  • Promote and showcase international partnerships and collaborative degree programs of significance
  • Promote corporate partnership and international alumni development

The 2016 University Wide International Goals update (Accepted by the PPCI May, 2016)

  1. Increase the international experience for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
  2. Diversify the international student body and facilitate the integration of international students into the Columbus campus community
  3. Explore the possibility of enrolling and integrating international students into the regional campus communities
  4. Increase international engagements and faculty research collaborations
  5. Promote scholarship on major global issues
  6. Create and expand robust international partnerships
  7. Recognize international accomplishments in Promotion & Tenure  processes
  8. Promote collaboration with and support from international alumni and internationally oriented Ohio Businesses
  9. Expand our international physical presence

 Select Accomplishments

  • Development and implementation of the Global Option, which combines international components within the major. Students complete a series of requirements including coursework, study abroad program, foreign language and capstone experiences. The colleges of Education and Human Ecology; Engineering; Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Public Health; Social Work; Fisher College of Business; Health Sciences and John Glenn College of Public Affairs. The Global Option is pending in several other colleges and departments
  • Implementation of General Education credits for some of the Global May programs, four week study abroad programs that are geared toward first and second year students, are taught in English and focus on the history, culture and current events of a particular region of the world
  • Planning for two new majors: peace studies and human rights
  • Implementation of three master's programs in area studies
  • Recruitment of high performing students from different regions of the world
  • Implementation and enhancement of academic services and social and cultural programming for international students
  • Establishment of a new research partnership between Ohio Statey and the Brazil state of São Paulo will build on existing collaborations and create a $1.4 million funding source to support research and innovation. The partnership will encourage researchers at Ohio State and any university in the state of São Paolo to collaborate on studies that can help citizens in both countries and people around the world
  • Creation of interdisciplinary teams exploring Ohio State's Discovery Themes: Mershon Center Climate Security Initiative; Area Studies Centers collaborative work on water issues
  • Development and implementation of policies for dual degree programs
  • Developed and completed a survey of international alumni