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International Dual Degrees

Definitions, Procedures and Guidelines

An International Dual Degree Program is an academic program collaboratively offered by The Ohio State University and one (or more) non-U.S. higher education institutions leading to the award of one (or more) degrees issued separately by each of the institutions involved in the collaboration.

Key Characteristics of International Dual Degree Programs

  1. Two separate and distinct diplomas/degrees are awarded by two collaborating institutions (e.g. MA, one from Ohio State and another from an international partner institution)
  2. Two separate and distinct diplomas/degrees are awarded only when the requirements for both degrees have been completed
  3. Enrolled students spend approximately 50% of their time in residence at each institution
  4. The collaborating institutions should be compatible. The quality of both overall institutions and programs within the institution should match, and interest must exist at all levels, from individual faculty members to departments to the universities’ administration. There must be a “fit” between partners at all of these different levels
  5. Each institution only awards and is responsible for its own degree/diploma
  6. Curriculum is regulated by cooperative contract, directed by joint committee with representation from each participating institution
  7. Students are responsible for all costs associated with enrollment in the dual degree program (including tuition and fees, living expenses, air fare and medical insurance)
  8. Each program will be responsible for ensuring the appropriate enrollment status for students and establishing the protocol for the paying of stipends, tuition and fees based on the relevant rules and regulations of the respective universities. Course and program planning for each student is the co-responsibility of the program advisors at each institution. Tuition shall be proportional to the instructional and research time spent by a student at each institution
  9. Thesis/Dissertation committees will be comprised of faculty members from both institutions. As will be specified in each agreement (without prejudice to Ohio State graduate school’s requirements) a thesis/dissertation may result in a student submitting one thesis/dissertation to both institutions or separate thesis/dissertation to each institution; with a separate diploma from each institution awarded to the student
  10. Any additional requirements, such as the composition of the candidacy examination committee, shall be decided on a case-by-case basis and by each individual academic unit

NOTE: Ohio State does not award joint degrees: A joint degree is a single degree jointly offered and jointly awarded by more than one institution whereby the two institutions share the responsibility for all aspects of the program's delivery and quality. Student exchanges are administered through the study abroad unit within the Office of International Affairs and are formalized through separate written agreements.

Procedures for Establishing International Dual Degree Agreements

International dual program agreements should build on the academic standing of the two collaborating universities. The collaboration should enhance each institution’s competitive advantage in the discipline as well as their international standing, while nurturing outstanding research that leads faculty and students to rigorous scholarly and professional training in an international setting.

The Office of International Affairs and the Graduate School oversee the development of new International Dual Degree Agreements at Ohio State. Proposals for International Dual Degree Agreements should be discussed at the outset with Joanna Kukielka-Blaser at 614-292-9999 or kukielka-blaser.1@osu.edu in the Office of International Affairs and Scott Herness at 614-292-9490 or herness.1@osu.edu at the Graduate School. It may be helpful to review a list of the types of dual degrees offered by Ohio State.

Initiating units can propose the creation of a new International Dual Degree Agreement by following these steps:

  1. Academic unit completes the International Dual Degree Agreement Proposal Form
  2. Academic unit submits completed International Dual Degree Agreement Proposal Form to International Affairs – Joanna Kukielka-Blaser, kukielka-blaser.1@osu.edu and the Graduate School – Scott Herness, herness.1@osu.edu for review and approval
  3. After the approval of the proposal by the Graduate School and International Affairs, academic unit develops a draft of the new International Dual Degree Agreement. Agreement Template
  4. Draft of the new International Dual Degree Agreement is submitted to International Affairs to kukielka-blaser.1@osu.edu
  5. International Affairs coordinates the routing, review and approval process of the draft agreement with the international partner and Ohio State oversight bodies which include the Graduate School, Office of International Affairs, Office of Legal Affairs, Office of Research Compliance and Office of Business and Finance. Checklist and Routing Sheet

Timeline for Processing International Dual Degree Agreements

International Dual Degrees are complex documents requiring the review and approval of a number of Ohio State oversight bodies. Sufficient lead time should be included in the request process to allow for adequate review by the appropriate campus units. Depending on the international partner’s schedule, successful development of a new International Dual Degree Agreement will require between six and 12 months.