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Visiting scholar from Finland researches under auspice of Project Narrative

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Ohio State’s Project Narrative is a cluster of faculty, visiting scholars and graduate students who work on narrative and narrative theory.

Since 2011, the project has hosted 25 international scholars. Mari Hatavara is a current visiting scholar from Tampere University (Finland) working with Professor Jim Phelan, director of Project Narrative.

Hatavara chose to work alongside Phelan, because of Project Narrative'’s reputation and because it has been a long time partner of Tampere University and the center for interdisciplinary narrative studies, Narrare.

“As the leading narrative research center in the world Project Narrative is an attractive research environment to visit,” said Hatavara.

Currently Hatavara is researching the interchange between fictional and non-fictional narrative environments and the use of stories and narrative resources in politics and societal discussion.

She hopes that through her research, people may learn methods to overcome societal bubbles and biases in politics.