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    Aiji Tanaka, president of Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, visited Ohio State on April 29 to sign renewals of international agreements between the College of Arts and Sciences and Waseda.

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    Marcel Yotebieng and Jesse Kwiek have been working to optimize HIV, Tuberculosis, and maternal and child health service delivery for almost two decades.

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    #BuckeyesAbroad on European Model of Sport study abroad program traded in their Scarlet and Gray for the Yellow and Red of AS Roma

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    Ohio State – South Africa Antibiotic Stewardship “Train-the-Trainer” mentoring program wins 2019 Distinguished International Engagement Award.

International Partnerships

Hong Kong Baptist University - Pharmacy

Dual PhD Program

Dual PhD Program between The Ohio State University, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Columbus, Ohio, USA and Hong Kong Baptist University, Faculty of Science and School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Ohio State contact information

•    The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy

International university contact information

•    Hong Kong Baptist University, Faculty of Science and School of Chinese Medicine

Location of international university

•    Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Purpose of Agreement

•    The purpose of this agreement is to establish a dual degree PhD Program between HKBU and OSU leading to students receiving a doctoral degree from each institution.
•    This proposal forms the basis of the agreement between the two institutions. The aim of this proposal is therefore, to lay down the objectives, areas of responsibilities of the two institutions in nurturing research talents and the proposed curriculum.

Objectives of the Cooperation

•    The objectives of the cooperation are to enhance the competitive advantages and international standing of both parties, as well as to nurture outstanding research professional for the Haimen area and beyond and for the betterment of society
•    The collaborated program focuses on drug discovery or other areas of interest to both parties

Areas of Responsibility

•    This program will involve HKBU students being initially admitted into the HKBU doctoral program. After two years, a subset of these students will transfer to The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy to complete their PhD Degree

Student Recruitment and Selection

•    World-wide student recruitment will be carried out by HKBU to identify high quality students
•    An admission panel will be formed by OSU and HKBU for student selection. Applicants shall meet the admission requirements of both institution.
•    Additionally, student need to obtain financial support sufficient to cover tuition and fees and the minimum annual Graduate Associate stipend established by the OSU Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
•    Funding may be obtained through appointment to an OSU sponsored research program by the cognizant College of Pharmacy Principal Investigator, fellowship or scholarship funds secured by the student, personal funds, or an allowable combination of these sources
•    Consent from a HKBU faculty member to serve as a College of Pharmacy student’s Dissertation co-Advisor is needed if the student is supported by fellowship, scholarship or personal funds.

Place of Learning and Accommodation

•    The normal study period for the Dual PhD Program based around drug development and drug discovery is 5 years. Students of the Program shall complete the first two years of studies at the IST/HKBU and the final 3 years at OSU
•    While studying at OSU, OSU shall provide assistance for students to seek, at students’ own expenses, accommodation. While staying at the HKBU, students will stay at the rented student hostel at IST/HKBU

The Curriculum

•    The details of the curriculum may be changed at any time upon agreement of the insitutions.
•    The collaborative program focuses on drug discovery and other areas that are of interest to both parties
•    For details of the curriculum, please refer to the Agreement

Mode of Delivery and Evaluation

•    Course will mainly be delivered in a face-to-face lecture mode, supplemented with experiments and other activities. HKBU and OSU will work out a course timetable that is feasible to and agreeable by both parties. HKBU and OSU will further explore the feasibility of conducting some of the OSU courses via its distance education platform. OSU-COP and HKBU will both be responsible for evaluation of the students in the jointly taught courses

English Courses for Students

•    To enhance the students’ English language proficiency, HKBU will conduct English language courses at the IST or provide an English immersion speaking environment at IST throughout the two years of study.

Student records and management

•    All students are subject to the rules and policies of the host institution while they are attending that institution


Academic Supervision

•    The Program follows a dual-supervisor system. Supervisors of both parties will monitor the study progress of the PhD students under the Program. The students will mainly be supervised by OSU supervisors while studying at OSU, and by HKBU supervisors while at HKBU
•    Supervisors for both institutions will monitor the study progress for the PhD students in the program and serve as dual dissertation advisors
•    Students under the Program are required to submit a research progress report twice a year to the supervisors of both parties for scrutiny. The report shall also be forwarded to the OSU College of Pharmacy Graduate Research Committee or relevant authorities of both institutions for record

Ohio State responsibilities

•    To evaluate students pre-selected by HKBU for admission into the Dual PhD program at OSU
•    To inform HKBU of admission results of pre-selected students
•    To advise admitted HKBU students about academic and cultural expectations, OSU traditions, and U.S. nonimmigrant regulations
•    To register admitted HKBU students at OSU
•    To provide HKBU students with information on courses they need to take for their degree. Each Dual PhD student will have an OSU advisor to facilitate this process
•    To inform the incoming students of all student benefits to include health insurance requirements and availability; and
•    To provide HKBU one official transcript describing the student’s academic performance

Responsibilities of HKBU

•    To recruit and collaboratively pre-select HKBU students for the Dual PhD program. This must be done to ensure admission into OSU;
•    To forward the applications of pre-selected students to OSU for approval, provide OSU one official final transcript describing the student’s academic performance, and admission before the required deadline
•    To ensure that students who are admitted to the program take courses required by OSU
•    To advise OSU of any circumstances that may affect the students’ stay abroad (e.g. known medical problems; and
•    To inform the incoming students of all student benefits including health insurance requirements and availability

Responsibilities of the students

•    To pay tuition and fees for attending OSU and HKBU that are not covered by research program sponsorship, fellowship or scholarship
•    To secure necessary health insurance and to pay medical costs;
•    To pay for books, living expenses and any other costs;
•    To pay the cost of transportation to and from OSU and HKBU/IST
•    To follow the academic rules and guidelines of HKBU and the OSU;
•    To make an earnest effort to be successful as a student under the rules and guidelines of each institution.

Duration of the agreement

•    This agreement will be in force for a period of five (5) years from April 22, 2014. It may be renewed for additional period of five years following assessment if both institutions, acting independently, agree in writing to renew it at least six (6) months before it expires. 

Note: Please see entire agreement for details