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  • Partnership with Waseda

    Aiji Tanaka, president of Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, visited Ohio State on April 29 to sign renewals of international agreements between the College of Arts and Sciences and Waseda.

  • Birth Outcomes in Congo

    Marcel Yotebieng and Jesse Kwiek have been working to optimize HIV, Tuberculosis, and maternal and child health service delivery for almost two decades.

  • Buckeyes Cheer on Roma

    #BuckeyesAbroad on European Model of Sport study abroad program traded in their Scarlet and Gray for the Yellow and Red of AS Roma

  • Engagement Awards

    Ohio State – South Africa Antibiotic Stewardship “Train-the-Trainer” mentoring program wins 2019 Distinguished International Engagement Award.

International Partnerships

MidAmerican Global Ventures

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding Between The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. and MidAmerican Global Ventures, LLC, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.

Ohio State contact information

·         The Ohio State University


International university contact information

·         MidAmerican Global Ventures, LLC


Location of international university

·         Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.



·         Commitments of MAG Ventures:

1.    Conduct annual EB-5 workshops to educate OSU personnel, students, and other stakeholders of the benefits of EB-5 financing.

2.    Market EB-5 financing opportunities to regional developers and businesses.

3.    Provide regular updates on EB-5 programs, projects, and opportunities.

4.    For regional projects, accepted by MAG Ventures, MAG Ventures will work with OSU to develop marketing materials with key regional information included.

·         Commitments of OSU:

1.    An OSU representative may serve on MAG Ventures Advisory Board, which will meet on a quarterly basis.

2.    Assist in coordinating and organizing EB-5 workshops for OSU’s stakeholders.

3.    Identify MAG Ventures and describe the resources and services it offers on agreed upon materials, as an available economic development resource.

4.    Have the opportunity to join MAG Ventures investment trips to build relationships and market EB-5 investment projects from OSU’s region.

5.    Receive regular EB-5 program updates as well as MAG Ventures updates.


Duration of the agreement

·         This agreement will be in effect for a period of three (3) years, beginning on the effective hereof, and can be renewed by the parties by mutual agreement. This agreement can be terminated for any reason by either party upon sixty (60) days written notice to the other party.


Note: Please see entire agreement for details