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Domestic Violence

In the United States, any form of abuse between spouses (husbands and wives), or between partners living together, is not tolerated. In general terms, this pattern of behavior is called "domestic violence." Domestic violence is defined as: violence toward or physical abuse of one's spouse or domestic partner.

There are laws against such behavior, and shelters and services exist to protect and support a spouse who is being abused, regardless of immigration status. If you or someone you know is seeking help, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following sources:

  • The Office of International Affairs (Location: Oxley Hall, 1712 Neil Avenue; Phone: (614) 292-6101; or email: oia@osu.edu) and ask to speak with an immigration coordinator.
  • Sexual Violence Education and Support (Location: Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC), Room B130, 337 W. 17th Avenue; Phone: (614) 292-4527; or email: sves@osu.edu).
  • Ohio State Police Department, (614) 292-2525, (if on-campus) or Columbus Police Department, (614) 645-4545, (if off-campus). In case of emergency, dial 911 and you will reach the appropriate Department.

Please also consider visiting these websites:

  • Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence: A social services organization, the Asian Task Force has been advocating for Asian women and families since 1987. They have a confidential 24-hour hotline and other resources.
  • FaithTrust Institute: This is a website by a coalition of groups who provide training addressing the religious and cultural issues related to abuse.
  • Laws.com: Extensive domestic violence resources.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Included on this site are sections on how to protect yourself, develop a safety plan, and learn more about public policy and law regarding domestic violence.
  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network: This site lists a local telephone help-line, and lists a number of local projects and resources.
  • Safe Horizon: Based in New York, this organization's site has some good sections on stalking, sexual assault, child advocacy, and an on-line tour of a women's shelter.
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline: The hotline is a telephone number (toll-free: 1-800-799-SAFE (or 1-800-799-7233), available 24 hours a day, to answer questions and respond to urgent situations. The website is available in Spanish, and also lists resources for family and friends, explanations of what abuse is, and other resources.