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Very Important: Carry your immigration documents with you in your hand baggage on the plane. Do not pack them in your suitcase! These documents include your passport, I-20 or DS-2019, proof of funding, and acceptance letter.

  1. Do not pack fresh fruit, produce, meat, prepared food, spices, or plants. The U.S. customs and border protection officers will not allow you to bring these items into the country.
  2. Do pack photos or items that remind you of home, but not those that are irreplaceable.
  3. Bring any medical information and any information about long-term health problems with you with an English translation (for example prescription information, previous chest x-rays, vaccines). There are no immunization requirements for most students or scholars entering The Ohio State University. However, depending on the program you enter, there may be requirements for that program. For example, most of the health professional schools, like medicine and nursing, have extensive requirements. For more health information, please visit the health information section of our website.
  4. For more suggestions on what to pack and what not to pack, please visit this website. There are also some helpful documents on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.