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Housing Terms to Know


Term used to describe the cafeteria where students living in the residence halls live. The Commons are usually located in or near the residence halls.

Community Bathrooms

These are bathrooms with multiple showers, toilets, and sinks. These are usually located on a floor and are shared by the residents of the rooms on that floor.

Hall Director

A full-time professional staff member who advises the Resident Advisors (RA) and oversees the residence hall. The Hall Director's office is located in or near the main office of each hall.

Housing Contract

Written agreement between the university and the student living on campus. It explains the type of housing (single room, suite, etc.), the length of stay, and the cost. This is a legally binding document; by signing it, you are committing to live on campus for the agreed time. Priority is given to the earliest applications, so be sure to send yours early!

Learning Community

Specially designated housing for students with a shared interest, major, or lifestyle. Students in a program usually live together on a floor/story of a building or in a house and participate in events and activities together.

Resident Advisor (RA)

Student who lives in the hall and is trained to work with other students advising and counseling on daily life experiences.

Residence Halls

Buildings in which students live. These are often multiple levels. Rooms are usually single, double, triple, or quad (4). Some are also suite-style.


Usually consists of a shared lounge or living room, a shared bathroom, and multiple bedrooms. Each bedroom is occupied by one or two students.

Upper Class

Students who are in their 2nd year or higher of their undergraduate program. Upper class housing is housing reserved for these students who are past their first year of university.

For more information about the halls, please go to the University Residences and Dining Services web site.