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Ethnic Grocery Stores

Bangkok Grocery
(614) 231-6878
3277 Refugee Road
Southeast Asian vegetables, noodles, spices, curries.

CAM International Market
(614) 442-1888
889 Bethel Road
Fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, noodles, magazines, and music. Latin and African food and drinks.

Crestview Market
(614) 267-2723
2950 N. High St.
Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, and African foods.

Flavors of India
(614) 228-1955
North Market, 59 Spruce St.
Indian ingredients, spices, Carry-out available.

Four Seas Emporium
(614) 261-0154
3070 N. High St.
Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Filipino products, fresh seafood on Tuesday evenings.

India Super Store
(614) 235-4655
54 Country Road, Town & Country Shopping Center
Curries, vegetables, lentils, beans, spices, and Indian movies.

Mediterranean Food Imports
(614) 263-9400
2647 N. High St.
Ingredients of Greece, Turkey, Israel, North Africa, and Egypt.

North Market
(614) 463-9664
59 Spruce St.
Open stall featuring foods from different parts of the world.

New Asian Super Market
3635 West Dublin Granville Road
(614) 889-8899
Fresh produce, seafood, meats, and Asian grocery products.

Sunrise Asian Super Market
1841 West Henderson Road
(614) 326-1999
Fresh produce, seafood, meats, and Asian grocery products.

Tensuke Market
1167 Old Henderson Road
(614) 451-6002
Fresh meats, fresh seafood, Asaki beer, radishes, gobo, and daikan.

Yao-Lee Oriental Supermarket
2848 N. High St.
(614) 262-7631
Korean and Southeast Asian foods.