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Crouser Completes Medical Training in Mumbai, India

SethCrouserSeth Crouser, a medical student at The Ohio State University, completed training at Seth G.S. Medical College and King Edward VI Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India from February 5-23, 2018.

At King Edward VI Memorial Hospital, Crouser worked with the department of Ayuveda under Nirmala Rege, head of pharmacology and therapeutics, and her team who has researched various Ayurvedic herbs and its effects on humans. At the Ayurveda Research Centre, Crouser was actively engaged in the research activities pertaining to the traditional system of medicine.

Crouser spent two weeks of his research period working with S. R. Parkar, head of the Department of Psychiatry. He gained understanding and knowledge by observing patients, symptoms and treatment as well as learning about and conducting alcohol group therapy, narcotic group therapy, community awareness programs, community drug addiction development programs and structured recreational activities.

The Ohio State India Gateway Assistant Director Priya Kurle facilitated the elective training opportunity and Administrative Manager Vinod Rani organized the logistical support for Crouser’s visit.