Ohio State to Bring Digital Pathology to Nanavati Hospital

Dr. Abhay Satoskar and Dr. Anjali SatoskarAnjali Satoskar, associate professor of pathology, and Abhay Satoskar, professor of experimental pathology and microbiology, visited Nanavati Hospital on March 10 and met Chief Operating Officer Rajendra Patankar to collaborate in digital pathology. Ohio State will bring Mumbai’s first digital pathology system to Nanavati Hospital which will enable doctors to send patient reports to specialists around the world.

The digital pathology team will use high-capacity scanners to convert traditional glass slides into high-resolution digital images. The digital pathology process begins with scanning conventional glass slides and digitally joining consecutive images into a single image, replicating the information on the glass slide. Once the images are converted into millions of pixels, they are transferred onto specially designed desktop systems that enable pathologists to review image details comprehensively, share images for second opinions and report findings to a patient’s team of physicians. These enhanced images can be viewed and interpreted on a computer by multiple people across multiple locations simultaneously. The images can also be paired with other clinical information to give pathologists a unified picture of each person’s unique cancer.

Priya Kurle, assistant director of the Ohio State India Gateway, arranged the visit and initiated the collaboration.