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Transferring In

Who is considered a transfer student for immigration purposes?

A student is considered to be a transfer student when he or she leaves one U.S. institution (before or after earning a degree) to begin attendance at another U.S. institution. Please note that this does not refer to the transfer of academic credits.

Who is eligible to transfer?

  1. Student is admitted and has submitted all necessary documents to The Ohio State University.
  2. Student is currently maintaining his or her F-1/ J-1 status (if your current SEVIS record is not active please contact the Office of International Affairs before requesting the transfer of your nonimmigrant status).
  3. The new program begins within five months of the end of the course of study at the current school or the end of the authorized Optional Practical Training period.
  4. Transfer must be requested no later than the end of the student's grace period, otherwise the student is considered to be “out of status” and may have to apply for reinstatement.
    • F-1 students: The SEVIS record has to be transferred within the 60 day grace period following the student's completion of study or practical training.
    • J-1 students: The SEVIS record has to be transferred within the 30-day grace period following the student's completion of study or academic training.

What are the transfer procedures?

  1. Student applies through the appropriate Admissions Office, is admitted to The Ohio State University, and receives an email from OIA with the International Student Transfer form once the financial review is complete.
  2. Student submits the International Student Transfer form to an Immigration Coordinator at their current school.
  3. The Designated School Official at the student's current school enters the transfer request in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and sets the SEVIS release date.
    • SEVIS release date is the date on which the student's nonimmigrant record will be electronically transferred to The Ohio State University.
    • The SEVIS release date should be determined by the current school according to the student's circumstances and needs.
    • Ohio State cannot issue the transfer I-20/DS-2019 until the SEVIS record is released.
  4. An I-20/ DS-2019 will be issued on or after the release date indicated on the international student transfer form. The new Form I-20/ DS-2019 will be available for pick up at new student check-in at International Affairs, unless the student requests the I-20/ DS-2019 to be mailed to him or her. The student will receive an email once the tranfer has been processed.

What if I plan to travel?

  1. Students who plan to travel outside the United States before starting their new program at The Ohio State University will be notified via email after the I-20 has been processed with instructions for setting up an express mail account so they can receive the new I-20/ DS-2019 before re-entering the United States.
  2. Students do not need to apply for a new visa if the current visa is still valid. However, the SEVIS ID Number on the visa must match the SEVIS ID Number on The Ohio State University issued Form I-20/ DS-2019.

Contact Information

International students admissions or academic information contact:

Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 614-292-3980
Email: int.undergrad@osu.edu

Graduate and Professional Admissions
Phone: 614-292-9444
Email: gradadmissions@osu.edu


Kimberly Anthony
Senior Immigration Coordinator
Office of International Affairs
The Ohio State University