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On-Campus Employment

F-1 students may work part time (up to 20 hours per week) on campus during the academic year without special permission. During official school breaks and their annual vacation term, F-1 students may work full time (beyond 20 hours per week) without special permission. 

J-1 students may also work up to 20 hours per week on campus during the academic year, and beyond 20 hours per week during official breaks and summer vacation, but J-1 students must submit the J-1 On-Campus Employment Employment Form to the Office of International Affairs prior to starting work.

Some on-campus job notices are available at the online Student Job Board. Please check the box for on-campus before seraching and be sure to verify that any job you apply for is truly an "on-campus" position, i.e., you would be paid by Ohio State and the position is physically located on Ohio State's campus. Also please be aware that any jobs described as “Work Study” jobs are only available to U.S. citizens.

Off-Campus Employment

F-1 and J-1 students require work authorization to hold off-campus positions, whether they are paid or unpaid, so always meet with an Immigration Coordinator to discuss your options before accepting any off-campus employment.

F-1 students may apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) in order to receive necessary authorization. The Office of International Affairs offers OPT and CPT workshops throughout the year:

J-1 students may apply for Academic Training.