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International Research and Scholarship Grant

In support of faculty and student research, the Office of International Affairs awarded close to $160,000 as part of its 2020 International Research and Scholarship Grant competition. The competition, with separate tracks for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students, was sponsored by the Office of International Affairs, the Global Gateways, the Office, the Graduate School (graduate students) and the Office of Student Academic Success (undergraduate students). Grants were awarded to 15 faculty, 26 graduate students, and four undergraduate students. 

2020 International Research and Scholarship Grant Awardees

Faculty Research

Graduate Students

  • Rohini Acharya, Doctoral Student, Department of Dance
    Project: Bharata Natyam in the US Diaspora: Staging Indian American Identity through Performance at Classical Indian Dance Festivals and Competitions
    Location: India
    Advisor: Hannah Kosstrin
    Grant: $2,500

  • Sahra Ahmed, Doctoral Student, Department of Educational Studies
    Project: Refugee camp educational policy: Perceptions and responses by refugee youth at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwestern Kenya
    Location: Kenya
    Advisor: Antoinette Errante
    Grant: $3,000

  • Djeynaba Gatta Ba, Doctoral Student, School of Environment and Natural Resources
    Project: Gender and Health Impacts of Gold Mining in Africa
    Location: primarily West Africa
    Advisor: Linda Lobao
    Grant: $3,000

  • Emilie Beaudon, Post-doctoral Student, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
    Project: Impact of the 2019 Amazonian Wildfires on the Largest Tropical Glacier (Quelccaya, Peru)
    Location: Peru
    Advisor: Lonnie G. Thompson
    Grant: $3,000

  • Vladimir Chlouba, Doctoral Student, Department of Political Science
    Project: Patterns of Tradition and Governance in Namibia
    Location: Namibia
    Advisor: Amanda Robinson
    Grant: $3,500

  • Michael J. Corsi, Doctoral Student, Department of History
    Project: Sverdlovsk Transformed: Forging Urbanity in a Metropolis of Metal
    Location: Russian Federation (former Soviet Union)
    Advisor: Nicholas B. Breyfogle
    Grant: $ 3,000

  • Mario De Grandis, Doctoral Student, DEALL
    Project: Ethnic Frames: Positioning Hui Literature Within and Beyond China
    Location: China
    Advisor: Kirk Denton
    Grant: $2,000

  • Kendra V. Dickinson, Doctoral Student, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    Project: A study of language and identity among Venezuelans in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil
    Advisor: Scott Schwenter
    Grant: $3,000