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Academic Enrichment Grants

The Office of International Affairs awarded more than $100,000 as part of its 2016-2017 Academic Enrichment Grant competition, which supports faculty and student research. The grant competition, with separate tracks for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students, was sponsored by the Office of International Affairs, the Office of Research and the Office of Undergraduate Education.

2016-2017 Academic Enrichment Grant Awardees

Faculty Research

  • Hollie Nyseth Brehm
    Rwanda: Reentry and Reintegration of Convicted Geocide Perpetrators
    Grant: $5,000
  • Monica Brodnica
    Sengal: Mystical Perception of the World in Sereer Religion
    Grant: $3,000
  • Debra A. Goff
    Nigeria/Africa: Global collaboration to assess Nigerian medical and pharmacy students' knowledge of antibiotic stewardship and superbugs
    Grant: $4,000
  • Michael J. Hagenberger
    Tanzania: Sustainable and Resilient Tanzanian Community
    Grant: $5,520
  • Ousman M. Kobo
    Ghana, West Africa: The Transformation of the Office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana, Muslim Leadership and Transnational Politics
    Grant: $5,000
  • Arati Maleku
    South Asia/Nepal: From surviving earthquake vulnerability to building community resilience in Nepal: A community-based participatory research study
    Grant: $5,000
  • Syed T. Rizvi
    South Korea and India: International Collaboration - Baer and Rickart module hulls, construction and comparison
    Grant: $3,000
  • Ryan Skinner
    Sweden: Engaging Afro-Swedish Public Culture
    Grant: $3,750
  • Elizabeth Weiser
    Europe: Nationalism in the Transnational House of History
    Grant: $3,000

Graduate Student Research

  • Tiffany Atkinson
    Uganda, Africa: Testing the effects of agricultural practicies on water quality and fish reproduction in Uganda
    Grant: $4,000
  • Sarah Bishop
    Ethiopia: Music, Ethnicity, and Violence in Gambella, Ethiopia
    Grant: $3,931
  • Carly Dickerson
    Albania: Gender and Language Variation in Albania
    Grant: $5,200
  • Kathleen Downey
    Kurdish Regional Governing, Iraq: Ghabrestan-i Topzawa Tomb
    Grant: $8,000
  • Raymok Ketema
    Eritrea: Eritrean Sounds of Resistance in the 1950s and 1960s
    Grant: $3,000
  • Joanne Kingsbury
    Llanos de Moxos, Beni Department, Bolivia: Resotring Tropical Grasslands for Biodiversity in Beni Bolivia
    Grant: $5,000
  • Sara Rodriguez-Arguelles Riva
    Oxford, England: Legitimizing Violence towards Asylum-Seekers - The Creation of the Spectacle of the Border
    Grant: $4,935
  • Barbara Roth
    African Great Lakes Region/Rwanda: Post-Conflict Departure - Explaining Mass Migration Patterns After Genocide
    Grant: $4,000
  • Hiromi Tobaru
    Japan: How the pre-Education Abroad Training Program Supports American Students - Social Networks and Learning during Education Abroad in Japan
    Grant: $2,453
  • Emily Jeanne Wolfe
    Leon, Nicaragua: The Role of Culture on Maternal Mental Wellbeing in the Postpartum Period
    Grant: $4,000

 Undergraduate Student Research

  • Genevieve Daniel
    Rwanda: Comparing differing levels of community violence during the Rwandan Genocide
    Grant: $4,000
  • Taylor Klass
    Uganda: Assessment of smallholder urban and peri-urban dairy production with zero-grazing practices in Kampala, Uganda
    Grant: $4,000
  • Anthony Milian
    Denmark, Italy: International Influences on Dance Methodologies - Techniques, Teaching Philosophy and Choreographic Experience
    Grant: $4,000
  • Jessica Lynn Parker
    London, UK: Multisensory Integration and Modality Dominance
    Grant: $3,726