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2016 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients Recognized

The Office of International Affairs recently recognized the 2015-2016 recipients of the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship at the annual Wolfe Luncheon. President Michael V. Drake, MD, other university leaders and representatives of The Dispatch Printing Company, congratulated the 24 recipients. Students were awarded a $2,500 scholarship to help fund their individual long-term study abroad programs.

The Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Endowed Fund was established September 1, 1999 with a $1 million gift from the Robert F. Wolfe and Edgar T. Wolfe Foundation. Over the last 16 years, scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each have been distributed annually to more than 390 undergraduate students. The Wolfe Scholarship, which is administered by the Office of International Affairs, is the cornerstone of Ohio State's study abroad programs and helps to enhance the educational experience of Ohio State students.

In 2009, Wolfe presented another $1 million gift to the university, which doubled the endowment that supports the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships. As a result, this year, the award amount increased to $2,500. The financial support of these scholarships has changed the lives of a growing number of students who have had the opportunity to participate in long-term study abroad programs.

To receive the scholarship, students must:

  • Being an Ohio resident, who has graduated from an Ohio high school
  • Having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Sophomore, junior, or senior standing at the time of the study abroad program
  • Active application to an Ohio State approved spring semester 2016 (autumn competition only), summer 2016, autumn semester 2016 or academic year 2016-2017 study abroad program

For the 2015-16 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Rebekah Abel, majoring in international studies (Russia)
  • Nicole Almenar, majoring in international studies and political science (Spain)
  • Courtney Caldwell, majoring in psychology (Ecuador)
  • Amanda Decker, majoring in hospitality management (Mexico)
  • Madeleine Denny, majoring in English and French (France)
  • Mitzi Fernandez, majoring in electrical engineering (India)
  • Kathleen Florentine, majoring in psychology (India)
  • Nathan Grine, majoring in strategic communications (Hungary)
  • Samuel Huryn, majoring in history (Ireland)
  • Mary Imre, majoring in psychology (Australia)
  • Martin Koelsch, majoring in landscape architecture (Europe – multiple countries)
  • Alexander Krasnoschlik, majoring in mathematics (Germany)
  • Eric Kulas, majoring in biology (New Zealand)
  • Derek Luth, majoring in architecture (Europe – multiple countries)
  • Adam Mansour, majoring in neuroscience (Japan)
  • Morgan Mitchell, majoring in interior design (Europe – multiple countries)
  • Jacqueline Moss, majoring in civil engineering (Spain)
  • Samuel Reed, majoring in environmental science (Panama)
  • Ishrat Sanjida, majoring in international studies (Nicaragua)
  • Amber Schreck, majoring in psychology (Europe)
  • Justin Smith, majoring in biology (Australia)
  • Thomas Sodeman, majoring in psychology (Canada)
  • Leah Soppi, majoring in chemical engineering (Greece)
  • Justin Smith, majoring in biology (Australia)