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2011-2012 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

U.S. Fulbright Scholars Program

2011-2012 Ohio State U.S. Fulbright Scholars:

  • Theresa June Early, (College of Social Work), for “Youth as Social Actors: Countering Crime and Improving Neighborhoods in Mexico City” at the national Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, August 2011-May 2012.
  • Carole K. Fink, (Department of History), for “The Future Versus the Past: West Germany and Israel, 1966-1974” at the University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel, March 2012-July 2012.
  • Dana Christine Kuchem, (Office of Academic Affairs, Fellowship Advisor, Honors Collegium), Fulbright International Education Administrators Program, Germany.
  • Darla Karin Munroe, (Department of Geography), for “Comparative Forest Transitions in Rural Peripheries” at Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany, September 2011-February 2012.
  • Barry Shank, (Department of Comparative Studies), “Transnational Music in American Studies” at the University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany, April 2012-July 2012.
  • Clay Hurd Sneller, (Department of Horticulture and Crop Science), “Preparing for the New Paradigm in Plant Breeding” at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna, Vienna, Austria, March 2012-July 2012.

2011-2012 Ohio State U.S. Fulbright Specialists:

  • Joshua Hawley (College of Education and Human Ecology, John Glenn School of Public Affairs), for “Longitudinal Analysis in Economics and Sociology” at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, September – October 2011
  • Elizabeth Hewitt (Department of English), for "American Literature in the Age of Hamilton and Jefferson," at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, June 2011- August 2011.