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2010-2011 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Gateway Research Seed Grant

The Offices of Research, Undergraduate Education, and International Affairs have awarded grants to develop active research collaboration proposals in the Gateway countries of China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), India and Brazil. Successful projects aligned with Ohio State's Centers of Excellence that explore global issues in a regional context: Climate, Energy and the Environment, Health and Well-Being, Human Behavior and Bioinformatics, State, Regional and Urban Development, Food Production, Supply and Safety, Materials, Manufacturing Technologies and Nanotechnology. Five $10,000 grants were awarded during the Spring 2011 competition.


  • Eylem Ekici, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    "Carbon Nano Tube-Based Communication Devices and Networks" 


  • Hui Jin, Teaching and Learning
    "Cross-cultural Studies of College Students' Knowledge and Practices about Energy Consumption and Climate Change"

  • Qinghua Sun, Public Health & College of Medicine
    "Environmental Change in the Three Gorges Dam Region (China) on Major Human Diseases"


  • Gowrishankar Gnanasekaran, Internal Medicine
    "Meditation Reglulating Mitochondrial Thiol-redox and Function and Oxidative Stress in Humans- A holistic Theraputic Approach for Neurobehavioral Disorders"

  • Abhay Satoskar, Pathology
    "Capacity Building and Implementation of Safe and Field Deployable Novel Treatment for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in India"