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2005-2006 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2005-2006 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

For the 2005-06 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Lisa Baehr, majoring in Spanish (Spain)
  • Rosemary Blackburn-Smith, majoring in international studies, (France)
  • Evan Brooks, majoring in journalism, (China)
  • Sheryn Bruff, majoring in animal sciences
  • Mark Cribbet, majoring in arts and sciences, (Multiple)
  • Justin Crooks, majoring in English, (Ecuador)
  • Norah Dick, majoring in psychology, (England)
  • Sara Elizondo, majoring in pre-Art, (Ecuador)
  • Melissa Henwood, majoring in animal sciences, (Australia)
  • Kevin Kestner, majoring in history, (Germany)
  • Kay-lyn Lambert, majoring in agricultural and extension education, (Dominican Republic)
  • Bonnie Milligan, majoring in theatre, (England)
  • Emily Neymeyer, majoring in architecture, (Italy)
  • Matthew Peterman, majoring in finance, (England)
  • Samantha Popa, majoring in architecture, (Italy)
  • Vincent Safarik, majoring in international studies, (Russia)
  • Said Sariolghalam, majoring in human resources, (France)
  • Steven Strong, majoring in east Asian languages and literatures, (Japan)
  • Andrea Stroup, majoring in international Studies, (Dominican Republic)
  • Mark Summers, majoring in marketing, (Denmark)
  • Jonathan Teller, majoring in architecture, (Europe)
  • Anne Weckesser, majoring in nursing, (Australia)