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2003-2004 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2003-2004 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

For the 2003-04 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Nelson Carson, majoring in international business, (France)
  • Sara Dement, majoring in nursing, (Australia)
  • Taya Flores, majoring in communications, (Spain)
  • Evan Gardner, majoring in east Asian languages and literatures, (Japan)
  • Kevin Haldeman, majoring in east Asian languages and literatures, (Japan)
  • Joshua Hardesty, majoring in architecture, (Italy)
  • Geri Hirsch, majoring in accounting, (England)
  • Anneke Holquist, majoring in international studies, (France)
  • Keith Lazuka, majoring in computer and information science, (Russia)
  • Laura Lepicovska, majoring in French, (France)
  • Kristopher Lucius, majoring in landscape architecture, (Slovenia)
  • Joshua Mapes, majoring in business, (England)
  • Ryan Mapes, majoring in finance, (France)
  • Lindsey McDougle, majoring in environmental and natural resouces, (Czech Republic)
  • Justin Moore, majoring in finance (England)
  • Tracie Mulhausen, majoring in logistics, (Denmark)
  • Andrew Plagenz, majoring in natural resources, (Russia)
  • Brett Profitt, majoring in music, (Japan)
  • Elizabth Rice, majoring in political science, (Multiple)
  • Lane Scarberry, majoring in theatre (England)
  • Brehan Shamlin, majoring in landscape architecture
  • Robert Sledge, majoring in information systems and technology, (England)
  • Benjamin Phillip Tear, (Scotland)