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1998-2003 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2000-2001 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

For the 2000-01 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Mary Bailey, majoring in anthropology, (Scotland)
  • Lauren Bandman, majoring in music education, (Italy)
  • Richard Duarte, majoring in Germanic languages and literatures, (France)
  • Shantell Feeser, majoring in pre-journalism, (Dominican Republic)
  • Joshua Greenberg, majoring in management sciences, (England)
  • Kathryn Hitchcock, majoring in human development and family science, (Luxembourg)
  • Katy Hite, majoring in theatre, (England)
  • Lindsey Hoskinson, majoring in agribusiness and applied economics
  • Scheryl Hwang, majoring in psychology, (Luxembourg)
  • Tracie Irwin, majoring in French, (France)
  • Timothy Kleinman, majoring in German, (Germany)
  • Michelle Pizzuro, majoring in Italian, (Italy)
  • Sara Rohland, majoring in chemistry, (Italy)
  • Julie Skidmore, majoring in international business (Germany)
  • Jonathan Vaas, majoring in political science, (Mexico)
  • Katherine Whitten, majoring in plant health management, (Australia)
  • Sean Williams, majoring in criminology, (Germany)
  • Mollie-Marie Workman, majoring in French and international studies, (France)