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1998-2003 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2002-2003 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

For the 2002-03 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Heather Bowditch, majoring in psychology
  • Kyle Bunke, majoring in architecture
  • Meghan Burke, majoring in personalized study program, (Equador)
  • Eliot Conaway, majoring in German, (Germany)
  • Lehenry Givens, majoring in exploration, (Ghana)
  • Chantal Johnson, majoring in psychology, (Tanzania)
  • Amit Joshi, majoring in computer science and engineering, (Japan)
  • Hannah Lee, majoring in physics, (Korea)
  • Jacquelin Lewis, majoring in arts and sciences, (France)
  • Anne Logue, majoring in arts and sciences, (France)
  • Theresa Magree, majoring in English, (England)
  • Julianne Mills, majoring in evolution, ecology, and organismal biology, (Netherlands)
  • Rebekah Moser, majoring in English, (England)
  • Brock Newton, majoring in political science (France)
  • David Paris, majoring in family resource management, (China)
  • Tatum Phan, majoring in psychology, (Czech Republic)
  • Braine Powers, majoring in accounting, (France)
  • Jacob Ruh, majoring in English, (Australia)
  • Abigail Santner, majoring in art (France)
  • Kelly Schultheis, majoring in human development and family science, (Australia)
  • Mitchell Shankman, majoring in finance, (France)
  • Gabrielle Stevens, majoring in English, (England)
  • Roni Thomas, majoring in international business, (Spain)
  • Rachelle Thurik, majoring in textiles and clothing (England)
  • Keena Webb, majoring in enviromental science, (Russia)
  • Sheree Williams, majoring in sociology, (Canada)
  • Dana Woll, majoring in visual design, (England)