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Faculty Grants

China Gateway Research Seed Grant


Purpose: This faculty research grant competition sponsored by the Ohio State China Gateway promotes research collaborations between Ohio State faculty and partners in the Greater China region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. This grant competition seeks proposals focusing on one or more of Ohio State’s Discovery Themes.

Background Information: China was selected as the first location for a Gateway office due to Ohio State's strong ties to the country in terms of its ongoing faculty connections and partnerships, study abroad programs, international student base and international agreements with institutions of higher education. Ohio State's presence in China helps the university maintain existing partnerships and explore new relationships with universities in China in the hopes of collaborating on research, initiating study abroad programs and establishing the potential for internships.

With the official opening of the China Gateway in June 2010, Ohio State has made great progress in its collaborative efforts in the Greater China area. The university continues to move forward building relationships in China, not only with the academic community, but with local government institutions, Ohio-based businesses in China and international corporations as well. The China Gateway facilitates an average of 50 faculty and staff visits every year from planning and executing logistics to promoting academic collaborations.

Scope of Work

The grant will provide seed funding that promotes interdisciplinary research on Discovery Themes:

  • Food production and security
  • Health and wellness
  • Energy and environment
  • Humanities and arts

For this competition, the funding will support international workshops and conferences that bring together experts from both the United States and the Greater China region in the above-mentioned fields and spawn opportunities for long-term international collaborative projects. The proposed seminars or workshops must involve at least one Chinese partner. Furthermore, applications can come from professional, technical, and physical science programs, but there should also be a social and/or economic component to the proposal. An example of a proposal might include the behavioral and social impacts of a major energy or environmental project such as the Three Gorges Dam.


It is expected that a workshop or seminar will be organized in the Greater China region or in the United States, which will generate publicity for Ohio State in the specific field within one year of receiving the grant. It is also expected that through the workshop or seminar, an international team of researchers will be established who will work together towards a larger and substantial collaboration in subsequent years. Follow-up funding is available based on the evaluation of the first year’s outcome. Examples of measurable outcomes include:

  • Publications External grants Academic course development
  • Creation of research-oriented study abroad programs
  • New institutional partnerships in China

The Principal Investigator will submit quarterly reports with a summary of activities and progress on the research. The reporting schedule will be based on the actual activity timeline.

Term of Contract

The funding period is for one academic year beginning May 1, 2017 and ending August 30, 2018. Award: One project will be funded, not exceeding $50,000, reimbursed after approved incurred expenses.

Proposal Preparation

A two-page, pre-proposal is to be submitted by February 1, 2017. All instructions, templates, selection procedures and timelines for pre-proposals can be found at oaa.osu.edu.

Process Schedule

February 1, 2017 – Pre-proposal due

February 21, 2017 – Top pre-proposals present in front of Stewardship Committee

March 8, 2017 – Invitations sent for full proposal submission

April 19, 2017 – Full proposal due

May 2017 – Final notification


Keira Williams
Global Gateways Academic Program Coordinator