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International Travel Policy Committee Protocols

The International Travel Policy Committee (ITPC) oversees all university supported international travel by Ohio State students. All international travel that meets the criteria of university supported must adhere to protocols established by the ITPC. 

ITPC Protocols

 Completion of the Ohio State Travel Registration Process

Pre-travel completion of the Ohio State Travel Registration process is a requirement for all university supported individual and group student travel. The registration requirement applies to all students traveling abroad. In addition, all faculty or staff leading students abroad on university programs must register in the system.

As part of the registration process, all students will be enrolled in the university’s supplemental travel insurance. The insurance includes coverage for medical, medical evacuation, repatriation and political emergency and natural disaster evacuation. Faculty and staff traveling as program leaders will also be enrolled in the insurance.

The Ohio State Travel Registration process is separate from the process of booking travel. Travel expenses subject to the university Travel Policy (2.11) must adhere to both the expense requirements for booking travel and the ITPC travel registration process. For student travel to risk designated locations, it is advisable to complete the ITPC assessment process prior to booking travel or committing to non-refundable expenses.

It is the responsibility of all Ohio State students to accurately complete the registration process prior to travel and to update changes to their itinerary and dates of travel. Colleges, departments, and units supporting student international travel are responsible for verifying that all students and faculty and staff program leaders have completed the process prior to their departure.  

Criteria of University Supported International Travel

Individual Student Travel

Individual student travel is considered Ohio State supported when a student participates on a group travel . It also includes, but is not limited to, experiences that meet one or more of the following criteria:

Group Student Travel

A group travel experience is considered Ohio State supported when it meets one or more of the following criteria:

International travel by Registered Student Organizations (RSO) is not considered university supported. However individual students participating on an RSO organized international experience that meets any of the criteria above are required to adhere to the protocols for university supported travel. In exercising their own due diligence, RSOs organizing an international experience are encouraged to follow university protocol for all participating Ohio State travelers.   

Minimum Leadership Requirements for University Supported Group Travel

Leadership of international programs involving Ohio State students is traditionally limited to Ohio State faculty, staff and graduate students. More information on who can travel as a non-student participant on an Ohio State group international travel program is available in the Accompanying Individuals section of the website.

Groups traveling with seven or more participants that include undergraduate students must be accompanied by a minimum of two program leaders. Primary program leaders must be university employees – faculty, staff, graduate assistant – assigned to this role by their college or unit leadership. Secondary program leaders must be university employees – faculty, staff, graduate assistant – or one of the following:

The protocol for two program leaders does not apply to groups with six or less participants, or those groups entirely comprised of students in post-baccalaureate programs in the Graduate School or professional colleges. However, it remains best practice for all Ohio State supported groups to adhere to the protocol.

Eligibility for Student Participation Ohio State Supported International Experience

Ohio State supported international experiences are designed to fulfill the university's academic mission and to enhance the student experience. Participation in Ohio State supported international experiences is limited to:

Individual units may set higher standards of academic eligibility criteria or enrollment requirements for student participation.

Student Conduct Eligibility

Students with specific disciplinary sanctions under the Code of Student Conduct, the Sexual Misconduct policy and/or criminal histories may not be eligible to participate in Ohio State sponsored programs. A disciplinary record review is submitted to the Office of Student Conduct at the time of application to an Ohio State supported program, and the disciplinary records of all students admitted to programs are reviewed and completed prior to departure. The review also includes sanctions determined by the Office of Residence Life and the Office of Institutional Equity. The criteria listed under Disciplinary Eligibility for OIA education abroad programs apply to all other forms of Ohio State supported group international travel.

Assessment of Travel to Risk Designated Countries 

Traveling abroad contains inherent risks, and some destinations pose heightened risks to health, safety or security. Ohio State categorizes risk using a five-tier scale.  The scale puts in place a tiered risk level for countries and regions and defines parameters for travel. The system is based on guidance from numerous resources: U.S. Department of State, Drum Cussac, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.

In order to mitigate those risks, the university requires all students traveling abroad, as well as faculty and staff traveling abroad with students, to a country that has an Ohio State risk designation of Tier 2 or higher to complete an International Travel Policy Committee (ITPC) assessment.

The purpose of the ITPC review process is to:

 Group Travel

Individual student travel