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Types of Questions

Automotive Care

You can contact VILLAGE with any questions seeking help on how to take care of your vehicle so it runs better and rides safely.

  • The oil light came on in my car. What does this mean?
  • What is the best gas to put in my car?
  • My tire keeps going flat. What should I do if I can’t afford a new tire?
  • My roommate asked to borrow my car and I don’t know if I should or not.

Budget and Finance

If you have questions about how to start a budget or how to open and close bank accounts or credit cards, VILLAGE may be able to help. Keeping on top of your finances can help relieve added stress.

  • I only have $50 for the rest of the month. How can I make that last until I receive money again next month?
  • I’m always broke when my friends want to go out. How do you start a budget?
  • How can I open a bank account?
  • Which credit card should I get?

Residence Life

Living in a residence hall in close quarters with a roommate can have its challenges. Contact VILLAGE if you have a situation with which you need help.

  • My roommate is very messy. How can I approach the subject?
  • My roommate constantly has their girlfriend/boyfriend over and I have no privacy. What can I do?
  • What can I do about my roommate playing their music while I’m trying to sleep/study?

Hygiene and Cleaning Tips

Different countries have different hygiene habits. Let us know if you have any questions about American customs. VILLAGE can also help with cleaning tips and advice.

  • Why does everyone keep suggesting I put on deodorant? What’s the big deal?
  • How do I properly dispose of feminine hygiene products?
  • I spilled ketchup on my shirt and now there is stain. How can I get it out?
  • Can I use soap for dishes in the dishwashing machine? It says dish soap.

The above is not a comprehensive list. If you have a question that does not fall into any of the above categories, please still contact VILLAGE, we will do our best to help you find a solution.