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Dietary Restrictions, Limitations or Preferences

Dumpling dinner in ShanghaiStudents requesting accommodations for reactions to major food allergens should consult with their doctor about their travel plans, including location(s), duration and specific itinerary details. When exploring options and preparing to travel, consider the following:

  • Transportation: Will airlines be able to accommodate your dietary restrictions or provide a buffer zone in flight?
  • Housing: Will you stay in a hotel, dorm, field station, homestay with local family? Are there lodging options where students can prepare their own foods?
  • Regional Food Preparation and Culture: Does the local cuisine traditionally use oils, nuts, creams or other allergens in their food preparation? Does the country traditionally lack labeling of food ingredients in restaurants and on packaging? Is it easy to culturally communicate concern about food ingredients and preparation? Do you have the language capacity to convey your food restrictions?
  • Medical Resources: Do you require routine or potential emergency access to an allergist or medical professional in the event of an allergic reaction? Do you require medication (including EpiPen) that may be unobtainable or illegal in your destination? Would an allergic reaction prompt the need for emergency services within certain proximity?

Action items for students disclosing information and seeking reasonable dietary accommodations:

  1. All Travelers: Consult with a trained medical provider, allergist, dietician or nutritionist. Utilize the resource links below to develop strategies to prepare for travel, communicate your dietary needs and restrictions and identify resources for medical care.
  2. Ohio State faculty-led program: Communicate your request to your program coordinator as soon as possible. Indicate if your condition may require access to routine or emergency medical care.
  3. Third party provider, direct enrollment or international exchange programs: Requests should be made directly to the program provider or overseas program. This is typically done on a separate accommodations or housing form submitted directly to the program.

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