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Recipe Submission

Each student organization applying to serve food in a cultural booth must submit two recipes. If rice or bread is served, it counts as your second dish. Recipes must be submitted using our Taste of OSU Recipe Card, and all measurements must be converted into U.S. metrics.

Please be as specific as possible in your recipes and look up English translations of ingredients when necessary. Remember, each dish should make approximately 500 servings of two-ounce portions. You can convert a smaller recipe using a recipe calculator.

All recipes are subject to review by our Taste of OSU Chefs, and substitutions will be made, if necessary.

Recipe Rules

Please note that recipes are saved and filed under your student organization to be used for four years. If your student organization re-applies to be in Taste of OSU next year, we will be using the same recipes. This procedure helps reduce food waste and streamline food preparation. Before submitting your recipe, please read the guidelines carefully.

If your student organization participated and prepared food in the past, to view the recipes that will be used at Taste of OSU 2021 if your organization is selected.

Recipes limitations

Completed Recipe Cards 

Please have all measurements in standard units. Check out a correct example of what your recipe card should look like.