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Pre-Departure Finances

Resident Director Covered Travel Expenses

Research in Tanzania

Resident directors are not compensated for leading an education abroad program but do receive round trip transportation to and from the program site, lodging and meals. A meal allowance is provided for any meals that are not provided directly as part of the program (such as group meals or breakfast included with hotel stays).

Any questions about the terms of your regular appointment, course load reduction and/or how the time commitment to the education abroad program is assessed must be directed to the chair or director of your academic unit. Please refer to the FLSA FAQ for information about overtime for non-exempt employees.

Program Budget, Program Fee and Viability of Program

Effective summer term 2014, enrollments for education abroad flow to the sponsoring college instead of to the Office of International Affairs. This change means OIA will no longer subsidize education abroad programming. In a new shared responsibility model, the colleges and OIA will work together to promote education abroad access and affordability.

The colleges are actively involved in setting program fees for faculty-led education abroad programs. Education abroad coordinators will work with airlines, vendors, host institutions and other providers to make program arrangements and establish the cost of program services. OIA will then prepare a program fee worksheet for each program and resident directors will have the chance to review its content. Then OIA will send the worksheet to the college education abroad liaison and senior fiscal officer who will designate the college’s level of support, if applicable. This information is then communicated to OIA so the final program fee can be set and advertised to students. Education abroad participants pay the OIA Education Abroad Program Fee through the Office of the University Bursar.

If sufficient budget information has not been provided by the host institution, vendor or resident director by the program budget deadline, program viability will be assessed by OIA and the relevant college and may result in cancellation. Please ask your education abroad coordinator or visit Program Fees and Deadlines.

Please be aware OIA will determine the per person amount for emergency funds to be included in the program fee, and resident directors will have one opportunity to ask OIA to make revisions to the program budget prior to advertising the program fee.

In consultation with resident director(s), relevant academic unit and college, OIA will determine the minimum number of students required to run the program.

  • If the number of viable applicants falls three or more students below the pre-determined minimum, in consultation with the college the program might be canceled.
  • If the number of viable candidates falls two students below the pre-determined minimum, the application deadline will be extended by two weeks (if logistically possible) and/or the academic unit or college sponsoring the program can agree to provide financial support so the program does not run at a loss.
  • OIA is not able to run programs at a deficit; if the required number of viable participants is not reached after two weeks, the academic unit or college must cover the difference in revenues and expenditures or the program will be canceled.

If you have questions about your program’s budget and/or the student program fee, please contact Leslie McCabe (mccabe.204@osu.edu), senior study abroad manager.