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Post-Program Responsibilities

Final Grades and Course Equivalencies

Education abroad in CubaAt the program’s conclusion, resident directors are responsible for submitting their final grades through the faculty center at buckeyelink.osu.edu.

Surveys: Student and Resident Director

Evaluation is a critical aspect of OIA education abroad program development and management. Within two weeks after your education abroad program concludes, OIA will send an online survey to each student on your program. Students will have the opportunity to respond anonymously to a variety of questions about all aspects of the education abroad program including OIA services, resident director services, host institution services, structure and format of the program and field trips.

OIA will collect and collate the results of the student surveys and send summaries to you, your college’s education abroad liaison and the head of your unit.

Please be advised that resident directors are expected to follow all university policies and guidelines while engaged in the education abroad program. Allegations of misconduct will be forwarded to the appropriate university office(s) for investigation and follow up.

Your education abroad coordinator will also schedule a debrief meeting with you to obtain your feedback. You are also welcome to provide additional feedback in writing.

Questions about the OIA education abroad survey process may be directed to Jeannie Simmons, associate director of education abroad, simmons.272@osu.edu.


The following items must be submitted to the OIA business operations unit within three business days after the program officially concludes:

  • Unused cash advance funds in foreign currency or U.S. dollars
  • Group/Extended Travel (GET) Card-return the card
  • OIA cash advance flash drive
  • Original receipts
    • Include ATM or bank receipts for all cash withdrawals
    • Itemized receipt and signed credit card slip for all credit card expenditures
    • Itemized receipt for all cash expenditures

If you are not returning directly to the United States, you must still comply with the requirement to submit original receipts and your OIA flash drive to the OIA business operations unit within five days after the official end date of the program. Please make copies of your receipts. By traceable mail (FEDEX, DHL EXPRESS, etc.), please send your original receipts and flash drive to the OIA business operations unit. The cost of copies and special mail delivery is reimbursable, so please retain the receipt.

Your meal allowance reimbursement (and that of your fellow resident directors) will not be processed until your cash advance receipts have been received. OIA business operations is required to reconcile all program expenditures and submit them to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) for compliance review and approval. Any expenditures that do not comply with Ohio State policies will not be reimbursed. Any expenditures that do not comply with Ohio State polices made with the GET card must be reimbursed to the university. The compliance determination is made by OAA and cannot be overruled by OIA or education abroad. The OIA business operations staff can answer any compliance or documentation questions you may have prior to departure, while you are engaged in the program or upon your return.

Post Travel Health Issues

According to the Center for Disease Control, 15 to 70 percent of travelers returning to the United States have illnesses related to their travels. Some illnesses start while traveling, but others can take months or years to appear. It is important to share your travel history with your healthcare provider, especially if you develop an illness with fever within six months of your return. If you experienced illness during your program or upon return, please contact Ohio State Rardin Family Practice Center at 614-293-2700.

Don’t forget to finish your antimalarial pills and get a follow up TB test if advised at your pretravel visit. Consider completing any vaccine series not completed prior to travel so you will be ready for your next program.

Group Reunion

We encourage you to schedule a reunion get-together with your students. OIA can provide space in the Enarson Classroom Building. Reunions are a great time for students to share memories and photos as well as their reflections on re-entry.

Recruitment for Next Year's Program

We hope you will be available to help OIA with recruitment for next year’s program. As a former resident director you will be able to answer the questions and concerns of potential participants.