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Current Resident Directors

Ohio State faculty resident director in NicaraguaThe Office of International Affairs collaborates with Ohio State’s 14 colleges to effectively manage the growth of high quality and affordable international experiences for students. Developing and managing an education abroad program requires commitment, time and energy on the part of academic units, resident directors and the Office of International Affairs.

More than 2,400 Ohio State students study abroad each academic year, with more than half participating in programs led by Ohio State resident directors. The growth in study abroad at Ohio State is directly attributable to the many faculty and staff that recognize the importance of undergraduates having at least one international experience during their college career.

Through a wide variety of international opportunities, Ohio State works hard to ensure that all students are well equipped to thrive in today’s global marketplace. In the ongoing effort to graduate globally competent citizens, Ohio State has defined five global competencies to instill in all Ohio State students:

  • the ability to work effectively in international settings
  • an awareness of and adaptability to diverse cultures, perceptions and approaches
  • a familiarity with the major currents of global change and the issues they raise
  • the capacity for effective communication across cultural and linguistic boundaries
  • the ability to comprehend the international dimension of one’s field of study

During time spent abroad with students, resident directors find ways through the teaching and learning process to incorporate methods in which students can begin to attain these competencies. Study abroad can change the lives of students forever and resident directors play a critical role in the transformation.