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Faculty and Resident Director Resources

The Education Abroad unit of the Office of International Affairs facilitates the development and implementation of international programming for all Ohio State students, but cannot do so without the involvement of engaged faculty and staff.

There are a number of resources available for faculty and academic units interested in developing education abroad opportunities, or those currently engaged in study abroad programming.

  • Knowing college responsibilities for education abroad: Several key responsibilities are now aligned within the colleges in order to enhance education abroad opportunities for students and provide an unparalleled partnership with those who manage and coordinate study abroad programs for the benefit of Ohio State students.

  • Planning group international travel opportunities: Explore the provided guidelines and best practices for faculty, staff and student organizations planning group international travel opportunities for Ohio State students.

  • Understanding the core functions and services of education abroad at Ohio State: The staff of the Education Abroad unit in the Office of International Affairs perform a number of essential functions and services, including advising and outreach; comprehensive application management; pre-departure orientation; risk management; program coordination; new program development and consultation; financial management; and scholarship administration.

  • Understanding credit allocation: The Council on Academic Affairs has approved a thorough set of university-wide guidelines for credit allocation for education abroad programs.

  • Staying safe and healthy abroad: Faculty, staff and resident directors accompanying students to international locations for the purpose of study abroad, research, internships, special projects, conferences and/or service learning are provided with comprehensive health and safety information, and are required to comply with basic university risk management procedures. Additionally, the International Travel Policy Committee was appointed by the provost to develop guidelines and policies to maintain the health and safety of Ohio State students, faculty and staff studying abroad or conducting research or business in another country. 

  • Understanding policies, procedures and guidelines: Developing a study abroad program requires commitment, time and energy on the part of academic units, resident directors and the Office of International Affairs. To conserve resources, streamline processes and benefit students, there are study abroad policies, itinerary and budgetary guidelines and financial procedures in place to guide effective and timely program development.

  • Developing education abroad opportunities: The Office of International Affairs' established guidelines for developing Ohio State study abroad opportunities provide information on the different types of study abroad programming, as well as information on proposal submission, Office of International Affairs and college-level approval processes, services and deadlines.

  • Serving as a resident director: The current resident directors section provides information on the roles and responsibilities of the study abroad resident director in every phase of the study abroad experience.

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