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Education Abroad Profile: Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller, Nicaragua 2015

Program: CFAES First Year Experience – Nicaragua 
Location: Nicaragua
Rank: Freshman
Major: Agribusiness and Applied Economics

“Last summer at orientation, I learned about this program and instantly signed myself up for what looked and sounded like a phenomenal experience. Next, my mom and I ventured into Thompson Library, seeking out a globe so I could find Nicaragua on the map. In a sense, the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences First Year Experience study abroad program chose me.

Studying abroad at the conclusion of my first semester as a Buckeye was immensely beneficial as I was immersed in a learning environment that allowed me to understand the global importance of food, agricultural and environmental sciences. Throughout our time in Nicaragua, I learned that regardless of latitude and longitude, people are people. Farmers are honest, caring stewards of the land and safe, affordable food is a universal need.

Natalie Miller (H), Nicaragua 2015My favorite memory from this study abroad program was spending three days with families in the community of GARBO, an agricultural cooperative. The group welcomed us into their homes, tried to understand our broken Spanish and shared their lifestyle with us. Through this experience, our group was able to gain an in depth understanding of cultural similarities and differences between the culture of the United States and that of Nicaragua. Much to our surprise, the number of similarities far outnumbered the differences. All in all, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study abroad in Nicaragua.”