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Study Abroad Profile: Mehak Arora

Mehak abroad in ChinaProgram: China Global May
Location: China
Rank: Senior
Major: Theatre and Entrepreneurship

“I chose this program because I wanted to have a complete culture shock. I knew that China would be nothing like the United States and I wanted to immerse myself in a country that I knew nothing about. Not knowing a word of Mandarin and going to China for a month could have easily been one of the scariest things I have done. I am glad that I took this risk because I have finally understood the importance in jumping into things even if you're scared.

Studying abroad helped benefit my college experience because I learned that I want to live abroad for a few years. I would not have known that without leaving the United States for a while to realize how sheltered I was. I came back to school much more adaptable and relaxed knowing how privileged I am to Buckeye abroad Mehakbe at this university. Seeing how much of a collectivistic society China is has inspired me to lean on my friends and family more and understand how we are more powerful together.

My favorite memory of my study abroad experience was all the food I ate. China has seriously some of the best cuisines I have ever had. Everything was fresh, healthy and full of flavor!”