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Study Abroad Profile: Claire Erickson

Claire Erickson at an Argentina cowboy showProgram: Global "Hotspots" of the Early Modern World: Buenos Aires 
Location: Argentina 
Rank: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience, minor in Spanish

“I chose this program specifically because I wanted to fulfill my history GEC, but I also wanted to go to a Spanish speaking country to practice my language skills. Additionally, I didn't want to go somewhere for a whole semester or the entire summer. Maymester offered the perfect amount of time I wanted to spend abroad.

Going to Argentina was my first time outside of the U.S. and it was absolutely incredible to experience the culture of a different country. Studying abroad not only helped me get on track to graduate a year early, but also develop as a global citizen. I was given the opportunity to practice the language I'm studying, understand the political structure of a O-H-I-O, Claire Ericksoncountry without a two-party system, and delve into the development of a city and why its's structured the way it is today. It opened my eyes that even though Argentina is on another hemisphere, its people aren't all that different from the United States.

My favorite memory was going to the estancia about an hour outside of the city. We got to eat authentic Argentinian beef (not me because I'm a vegetarian) while watching Argentine tango and other Argentinian folk dances. Afterwards, we watched a gaucho (Spanish word for cowboy) show and I even got a ride from one.”