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Study Abroad Profile: Alexis Crockett

Alexis Crockett, a Buckeye abroad, in Morocco

Program: Global May Morocco
Location: Morocco
Rank: Senior
Major: Neuroscience and Psychology

“If you told me four years ago that I would spend the summer before my senior year of college abroad, I never would have believed you. I was afraid of traveling, having never been outside of the United States and Canada prior to this year, and planned to never leave Ohio for my entire life. Being at Ohio State and seeing all of the diversity and richness of culture that exists, I slowly grew interested in experiencing these things for myself. Gradually, the unknown became less terrifying, and more fascinating. I could learn all I wanted to out of a book, but to truly experience the world I had to immerse myself in it. It is with this background that I began my search for the right study abroad program.

I wanted a program that would force me outside of my comfort zone, and I wanted to go to a place that I would probably never have the opportunity to go to again. I decided to go on the program, Global May Morocco, because I wanted to combat racism and Islamophobia with firsthand experience. I got to see how the media’s portrayal of the Middle East and North Africa is very skewed, and definitely does not capture what the country is truly like. I was surprised at how at home I felt in Morocco, and how I came to appreciate the Moroccan culture. I loved my host family, especially my little sister Kenza, who I played with every day even though we could not communicate at all. I have Alexis Crockett (center) with fellow Buckeyes in Moroccolearned that the best way to combat racism is with personal connections. I have never met such generous and loving people as my host family, who took two strangers into their home and treated them as their own. I will always call them my family.

I think of my study abroad experience as a turning point in my life. Being a STEM major, I did not expect studying abroad to affect my career goals so profoundly. My month in Morocco has reinforced my decision to apply for a Fulbright research grant to Israel for next year, and to search for other opportunities to do research abroad. In my future career as a neuroscience researcher, I will need to make international connections for collaborations, and my experience in Morocco has given me the courage to continue to travel and make these connections.”