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Study Abroad Profile: Kristen Darah

kristen darahProgram: London Honors Program
Location: England
Rank: freshman
Major: finance

"I wanted to be able to experience London first hand, instead of just learning about it in class. It was one of the most amazing experiences! I loved being able to explore the city and experience a different culture than my own. My favorite memory was making many new friends and being up close to Big Ben.

It was interesting to compare and contrast American and British culture- this is not something I could've learned in a book. It was better to experience firsthand.

kristen darahI loved their mode of transportation- instead of taking cars, everyone either walked or took the Tube! I learned how to navigate myself through the system. Also, there was a very noticeable lack of fast food services (such as McDonalds and Burger King) on the streets, as compared to the amount in America. I also learned a lot about the Royal family, and how highly respected they are in the British culture. Though I had previously read about the family and learned a few things, it was interesting to immerse myself in that culture, and really experience how highly they are regarded through the architecture, history, and monuments in the city (especially since we have nothing like the Royal family in America)."

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