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Study Abroad Profile: Anna Hayes

Anna HayesProgram: Elementary Spanish Language Program Quito
Location: Ecuador
Rank: Graduated
Major: English

“My study abroad experience consisted of Spanish and culture classes Monday-Friday and traveling to the different corners of Ecuador on the weekends. We were completely immersed in the culture from the moment that we stepped off the plane. We each got separate host families who took us in as their own. When we traveled on our excursions we stayed in places that furthered our experience. For example, when we stayed in Otavalo, the Andean Indigenous Market, we were allotted the honor of getting to stay with Andean families in their own homes. Being able to experience the lives of the people we were studying about in our class first hand is an experience that I'll never forget. It's not everyday that you actually get to meet and interact the people you're studying about."