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Study Abroad Profile: Caleb Lesley

Program: London Psychology
Location: England
Rank: Junior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Forensic Science

“What truly made my study abroad experience memorable were the people. We had such a unique group of people on the trip that there were tons and tons of random experiences that wouldn't have happened had we not had the blend of students that we did. By the end of the trip, I had gotten so close with 3 of the other students that I can confidently say that I have made 3 potentially really good friends from the trip. While in London, we decided to do everything we could possibly squeeze into those 9 days. Sure, this led to only like 5 hours of sleep a night at most, but it was completely worth it. I feel that having this group of people to interact with and share all of the experiences with is really what helped cement all of the different things in my head. Without friends, it really would have been just a big lonely trip.”