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Study Abroad Profile: Bethany Stammen

Bethany Stammen on top of Mt. Noorat in AustraliaProgram: CFAES Animal Production
Location: Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and countryside)
Rank: Senior
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Life Science
Funding: Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship

"Our program focused on animal production systems and animal welfare concerns in Australia. The most memorable part was going out into the country and experiencing the Australian farms first hand and learning about cutting edge animal welfare research. I am planning on becoming a food animal veterinarian, so the opportunity to talk to the farmers of Australia was amazing. They raise animals in such a different environment and in such a different way from Ohio that I learned a great deal. Australian agriculture has found solutions to problems that United States agriculture is now facing or may potential face, so this study abroad was an amazing opportunity to learn."

"My study abroad experience brought to my attention what I do not yet know, have not yet seen, and have yet to experience. An understanding of how much we do not understand and have yet to learn is an important quality in any person. It keeps the mind active and searching for that next life changing opportunity. I believe that an international experience provides just that breath of rejuvenation."