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Buckeye abroad, Gabrielle Lyle at Visegrád CastleGabrielle Lyle, a second-year international studies major, participated in the Global May Hungary 2015 study abroad experience.

“Global May Hungary truly enriched my Ohio State experience. It allowed me to meet 25 amazing people from all different kinds of backgrounds who I may not have met if it were not for the program. Most of us did not really know each other before the program, but we grew to be like a family. I believe that I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and for that I am truly grateful. Studying abroad also helped my confidence grow. I have been coming out of my shell a lot since I started at Ohio State, but I made an exceptional amount of personal growth during my month abroad.”

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Jason Galo (left) in his daily medical apparel while in HondurasBuckeye abroad, Jason Galo, a graduate student studying in the College of Medicine, traveled to El Progreso, Honduras with the program, PODEMOS Medical Brigade.

“I chose the PODEMOS program because I knew that it would be a great experience for me as a second year medical student to practice my skills in medicine including physical exam skills, as well as practicing medical reasoning to arrive at a differential diagnosis. I also chose this program because it gave me the opportunity to help Honduras, and specifically the people who live 20 minutes away from where I grew up. I spent the first 18 years of my life in El Progreso, Honduras, and PODEMOS gave me the opportunity to come back to where I grew up and spend a week traveling to rural villages around El Progreso, to learn and to help the people there."

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Kaz Bogielski at a Hungarian cafe abroadKaz Bogielski, a third year studying public affairs, studied abroad with the program, Global May Hungary 2015 and traveled to Budapest, Warsaw and Vienna.

“Studying abroad helps a student grow in a number of ways. For me, being someone who did not speak the language of the country, I now feel the culture of Hungary has become a part of me. Its food, architecture and arts have been so impressed in my memory I no longer feel as if I was just an American studying abroad, but someone who transcended mere tourist status to begin a grander pursuit, to become a global citizen. I hold a strong belief that traveling is learning, an activity the more one performs, the more it becomes a needed prerequisite for deeper understanding.

My study abroad experience has certainly increased my appetite for a career with an international scope. My experience has reduced any doubt I can comfortably live and flourish in a city outside my comfort zone. Not only that, I've made quite a few friends in those peers also growing and further discovering themselves on our journey there. They, along with everything I learned about myself, Budapest, Hungary, and Central Europe, have been integral in the growth I've made studying abroad.”

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Buckeye abroad, Johann Dorado, overlooks HungaryThird year, Johann Dorado, a history major, traveled abroad with the Global May Hungary 2015 program.

“It was a new and exciting challenge to live a month in a fairly large city with a group of people who are on the same boat as me, wandering and exploring a culture that seems so familiar due to modernity. It may have been hard at times trying to understand the city while trying to be ourselves, but to be honest it was probably during those times when we bonded the most.”

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Sunder Sai in Budapest, HungaryBuckeye abroad, Sunder Sai, a sophomore studying neuroscience, traveled with the Global May Hungary 2015 program, and pursued further travels to the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain.

"By visiting other countries beyond Hungary like Austria, Poland and Romania, I discovered that I am deeply interested in communist history and European politics. I am now reconsidering my career path and will be pursuing a minor in either International Relations or Slavic and East European studies. I have also decided to take an Eastern European Politics summer class at Ohio State to continue learning about the places I visited. By studying abroad after my first year at Ohio State I made life long memories that changed my college experience and the way I look at the world today."

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Monica takes in the view of VisegrádSenior, Monica Davidovic, studying political science an Slavic and Eastern European studies, studied abroad with the Global May Hungary 2015 program.

"Studying abroad was nothing short of exactly what every college student should experience in order to truly get the full college experience. Studying abroad opens up a student in so many ways that are not just limited to education. I not only got to learn about the history of these incredible, historical cities first hand from professors that are native to the region, but we also got to go out beyond the classroom and explore the monuments and cites where those historical events occurred."

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Anna Eversole in HungaryAnna Eversole, a freshman majoring in early childhood education, traveled to Budapest, Warsaw and Vienna with the Global May Hungary 2015 program.

“I couldn't be happier that I had the chance to study abroad right after my first year. I met so many people that I will now be able to recognize when walking on campus and I will have more people to hang out with when I get back in the fall. This trip helped me realize how much I do love to learn and how much I appreciate the chances I have to learn when the pressure isn't so high and the information I am learning is relevant. The deeper I get into my major, I think I will enjoy it for this reason because I will start to really grasp onto the information I am learning since I will need it in my job. I definitely hope to study abroad again during my college years.”

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Buckeye abroad, Mark Koenig, in UgandaFifth year senior, Mark Koenig, studying international studies, traveled to Uganda, Africa with the Global May Uganda 2015 program.

"Studying abroad allows a person to get out of their comfort zone, explore beyond their mental and physical boundaries and gives them the opportunity to see a completely different world. When you leave home, you leave the comforts and shelters behind. You are exposed to everything that was once just an imagination. I had never been to any country in Africa, therefore it was just a thought in my mind. Studying abroad allowed me to plant my own two feet on new grounds and opened my mind to a world unknown to me."

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Ryan Fisher abroad in IndiaRyan Fisher, a senior public health major, studied abroad May 2015 with the program, Public Health Perspectives: India.

"I got to meet twenty amazing students as we bonded throughout the course. I was able to take a global public health class with an Indian focus by traveling to over ten different field sites to learn real-world applications of public health systems in a developing country."

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Kamaria Thomas enjoying UgandaKamaria Thomas, a sophomore exploratory major, traveled to Uganda May 2015 to participate in the Global May Uganda experience.

"I chose the Global May Uganda program mainly because I had a strong interest to go to Africa in my lifetime. Also, I thought that learning more about human development would be interesting, as well as help expand my worldview. I think that it allowed me to expand my horizons, and really helped me grow as a person."

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Liz Feldman at the Equator in UgandaLiz Feldman, a sophomore public health major, studied abroad during May session 2015 with the Global May Uganda program.

“It isn't every day you get the chance to travel to Africa. When I told people I would be traveling to Uganda, they assumed I was going on a mission trip. Sure, the roads and infrastructure aren't great, there isn't air conditioning and the water isn't safe to drink, but Uganda isn't a country that needs saving. As we studied development and human security, we really got the chance to see how developing countries, specifically Uganda, have the chance to improve, but also at how far they have come already.”

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Maya Prabhu (far right) abroad in IndiaMaya Prabhu, a third year studying neuroscience, traveled abroad during May semester on the program with the College of Public Health, Public Health Perspectives: India.

"Studying abroad this past May was one of the most meaningful and life changing experiences. We studied at Manipal University, a well-known international institution, centered in Manipal, a lively costal college town in Southern India. Manipal is special to me because it is the town (and university) that my maternal great-grandfather (Dr. T.M.A. Pai) founded. My grandfather was even among the first graduating class of Katsurba Medical College! While I have been back to Manipal several times before, this time I returned as a student. In doing so, I was able to experience my great-grandfather’s legacy and his vision for education and equality."

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Buckeye Abroad, Ali Baker, in IrelandAli Baker, a sophomore studying speech and hearing science and education, traveled abroad with the May session program, The History and Archaeology of Medieval Ireland: Trim and the Blackfriary.

"I’ve only been at Ohio State for a year, but I’m confident that the four weeks I spent in Ireland will be some of my favorite memories. I got to know my professor personally, bond with 17 other Buckeyes I never would have had the opportunity to meet, and learn the history of Ireland without a single text book. In just a month, I got to visit so many amazing places in Ireland from Belfast to Loughcrew to the Cliffs of Moher, find artifacts from a 13th century friary, and immerse myself in the Irish culture."

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Maddie and other Buckeyes abroad at Visegrád Castle Maddie Corley, a junior majoring in public health, utilized her Second-Year Transformational Experience Program fellowship to study abroad with the 2015 Global May Hungary program.

“Studying abroad benefitted my college experience in unimaginable ways. It is completely different to be immersed in an area while learning about its history and politics and news rather than learning about it in a classroom across the world. In learning about Budapest while exploring Budapest, I grew to appreciate the city for its architecture, culture, and history because I was learning concurrently with my excursions.

I have also grown so much in knowledge and as a person, whether that means being self-sufficient on public transport or getting by with a language I had never heard before, so studying abroad has really helped me become better and change my view of the world."

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Emily Maxson is all smiles while abroad in GhanaEmily Maxson, a senior majoring in health sciences, traveled to Ghana, Africa during May 2015 to participate in a Pay It Forward program with The Akumanyi Foundation and Achiase Children’s Home.

“I knew that I wanted to choose a program that was service oriented because I have a strong passion for helping others. The Akumanyi Foundation stood out to me because it was a program that was going to allow me to be fully immersed into a brand new culture and lifestyle. We stayed on scene at the orphanage in Achiase for two weeks and we were living just as the kids were, bucket showers and all. This program was going to allow me to make a difference in the kids’ lives while I was there as well and after I left."

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