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Resident director, David Adams, and students on the London EyeDavid Adams, Lima campus Department of English associate professor, served as resident director for the study abroad program, Global May Britain: Introduction to the History, Politics and Culture of Great Britain during May 2015.

"Studying abroad offers students an opportunity to experience a fundamental shift in their experience of the world, making it easier to value ways of living and working different from the ways they are accustomed to living and working in the United States. This enhances students' intercultural sensitivity and thus their talent for moving and mediating between cultures."

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Andrew Min at the Great Barrier ReefAndrew Min, a senior studying industrial and systems engineering, traveled to Australia during May semester 2015 with the program, Sustaining Human Societies and the Environment.

“Studying abroad has been the best decision I have made in college thus far. Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to break outside your comfort zone and see the world from a new perspective. In this day and age it is important to have a global outlook, and studying abroad is the perfect way to help do so.”

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Resident director, Margaret Newell, on the balcony of the Cabildo, the colonial building where the Argentine revolution beganMargaret Newell, Department of History professor, served as resident director for the study abroad program, Global "Hotspots" of the Early Modern World: Buenos Aires.

"Having Ohio State faculty leaders means that these programs serve a real educational purpose—they are not just vacations. We encourage students to dig deep and understand the complex history behind the present-day realities in the countries we visit. We had class meetings almost every day in which we explored the colonial and revolutionary history of Argentina."

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Resident director, Roger Beebe, in BerlinRoger Beebe, associate professor in the Department of Art, served as the resident director for the 2015 study abroad program Filmmaking in Berlin.

“Columbus is a great city, but it can’t offer everything. I’ve taught in both Paris and Berlin, and I’m always amazed by how transformative the experience of using the city as your classroom can be. Students immediately understand that what we’re doing isn’t just some academic exercise when they see it connected to the cultural life of a major city. It’s also critically important for students who may not have experienced much of the world to start to expand their horizons. As a faculty member, it’s also just a great experience to break out of the classroom, especially when you can do that in an amazing international city.”

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Jessica Parker volunteering with Projeto Viva in BrazilJessica Parker is a senior studying French and security and intelligence. She participated in two Global May programs: her first year with China Global May and her second-year as a STEP participant with Brazil Global May, during her undergraduate career.

“Studying abroad has greatly impacted my college experience and has been a huge benefit to my life. As a security and intelligence major, being able to travel to two BRIC countries allowed me to have further insight when talking about Brazil or China in my classes at Ohio State.”

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Grace Lower in SpainGrace Lower, a senior studying English, traveled abroad spring semester with the ISA Hispanic Studies, Granada, Spain program.

“Although studying abroad may seem like a glorified vacation to some, my time in Granada was one of the most important learning experiences that I could have had as an undergraduate. It was most noticeable in my language: in those five months, my Spanish improved more than it had in three years of university-level classes! Beyond my language acquisition, living abroad granted me a deeper sense of independence and self-confidence.”

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Erik Gaarder at Portoferraio, the Island of Elba, off the coast of TuscanyBuckeye abroad, Erik Gaarder, a senior studying Italian and international studies, participated in the program, Siena Italian Studies.

“There were a few reasons as to why I chose Siena Italian Studies: For starters, Siena is located in the heart of Tuscany. There are so many dialects spoken throughout the country but the official language is most closely related to the Tuscan dialect. I knew I would be able to understand the language and be understood more clearly in this city (even though Siena does have its own dialect, but it was really fun and easy to learn).”

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Samantha Smith at the John Lennon Wall in Prague Samantha Smith, a senior studying strategic communication and Spanish, traveled abroad to Spain during spring semester 2015 and with the program, International Studies Abroad – Madrid.

“Studying abroad was definitely the best thing I did during my college career. I gained more experience, knowledge and independence than any internship has ever been able to provide. There’s something about leaving everything you know behind and diving into a whole new culture and world that transforms you as a person. Some of my friends from Ohio State were also abroad in different parts of Europe, so I found myself flying to foreign countries alone to meet up with them, making my way to the nearest train or bus toward the city, then figuring out the metro system and hailing a taxi to our hostel – things I never thought I’d be doing on my own.

I met some incredible people from all over the United States and even some locals from Madrid who will continue to be my friends even after we’ve all gone back to our own corners of the world. After studying abroad I’m a more mature, well-rounded, ambitious and independent person.”

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Jenna DeCarlo, a Buckeye abroad, in Madrid, SpainJenna DeCarlo, a third year studying speech and hearing science, traveled with the program, Spain Global May: Madrid in the World, the World in Madrid, during May 2015.

“My time spent in Madrid gave me a small glimpse of how simultaneously large and small the world is. A completely different culture that celebrates bull fighting and the Patron Saint San Isidro exists on a continent that is a nine hour plane ride away. Even still, I realized that by allowing myself to be open to new experiences I was able to uncover a sense of belonging in a completely new city. Three and a half weeks of learning both inside and outside of the classroom left me with a newfound appreciation for how important it is to be a globally aware citizen.”

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Olivia Smith and Buckeyes abroad in SpainJunior, communication and political science major, Oliva Smith, traveled to Madrid, Spain during May 2015 with the program, Spain Global May: Madrid in the World, the World in Madrid.

"I chose this program because I wanted to learn more about Spain in person after hearing so much about its culture and way of life in Spanish classes and in popular culture. The way of life in Spain is completely different than the way we live in the United States, and it really opened my eyes. It gave me perspective when comparing different cultures of the world."

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Carley Snider abroad in HondurasCarley Snider, a junior majoring in agriscience education, traveled to Choluteca, Honduras, to participate in the Community Development study abroad program.

“Studying abroad has made my college experience even more unique and expansive than I would have imagined. Through my study abroad experiences, I have been able to learn in the best classroom; the world. I’ve grown as a person, a student, a leader and an agriculturalist from these experiences. I have brought my new perspectives, knowledge and skills back to Ohio State and my life here to share with others.”

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Buckeyes abroad, Allison Porter and Alyssa Maisonet, in MadridSophomore, public health major, Allison Porter, studied abroad with the program Spain Global May: Madrid in the World, the World in Madrid.

“I think studying abroad benefitted my college experience because going to Spain gave me a global perspective of my country, my school and just who I am in general. Going to Spain expanded my ideas on immigration, government and way of life in general because the Spanish culture is so different than the culture of the United States.“

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Carlos Mendez, a Buckeye abroad in IndiaCarlos Mendez, a senior studying biomedical engineering, is a Buckeye abroad in Jaipur, India, as an engineering intern for summer 2015.

“Both of my parents came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico, instilling in me a language, culture and set of values that have become my own. This bicultural background has challenged me to think differently and has equipped me many of the tools needed to adapt and thrive across the globe. At Ohio State, I have sought such opportunities that allow me to teach, learn, give and receive in these different cultural contexts.”

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Kayla Anderson abroad in ItalyKayla Anderson, a senior studying visual communication design, traveled to Italy during May with the Knowlton School of Architecture Rome Program 2015.

“I believe that spending a month immersed in Italian culture has made me a new person with a broader perspective. I saw another world created long before the perfectly-crafted Midwestern suburbs and towns I have seen my whole life. I now understand the importance of communicating across cultural borders. We discovered the political and social hierarchies that could construct a piazza for a royal family, or attempt to destroy the Colosseum. Our teachers illustrated concepts that even modern-day Romans don’t know.”

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Jordan Weisensell enjoying BudapestJunior, strategic communication major, Jordan Weisensell, immersed herself in European culture with the Global May Hungary 2015 program.

“Ohio State provides its students with countless opportunities day in and day out and spectacular study abroad programs is just one of them. Studying abroad was always something I was interested in but never thought I would have the opportunity to do.

This was my first time in Europe, so naturally I wanted to take in as much of the culture as I could. I wanted to visit as many cities as I could, try as much food as I could, and drink as much delicious European coffee as I could. Not knowing much of Central European history and not knowing a lick of Hungarian, Polish or German was a bit daunting at first. With the help of our professors and advisors, my classmates and I quickly adapted to our surroundings.”

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