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Jessica SolomonSenior animal sciences major Jessica Solomon traveled to Chile through the FAES Agriculture and Agro-Ecosystems in Chile Program.

"Over a ten-day period, we traveled around the country meeting Chileans involved in different aspects of agriculture, from seed production to raising horses for rodeos. We were able to visit some national parks, an offshore island called Chiloe, an aquaculture facility, and multiple markets. We even had a couple occasions to interact with agriculture students from a university in Santiago."

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Natalie DonahueGraduate student Natalie Donahue expanded upon her study of public policy through the Democracy Building in the Ukraine Study Tour Program.

"On the 12-day trip to Ukraine, our 10-person group participated in a number of activities, such as visiting the capital, Kyiv, visiting Parliament, and meeting with experts and university students to talk about democratization efforts, security interests, and the economy of Ukraine. We worked in teams to produce a report outlining these three topics, then traveled to Washington D.C. to present our findings to government agencies."

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Jeff HarrJeff Harr, a senior in sustainable development and planning major, studied abroad in Denmark during Fall Quarter 2009 through the Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Exchange Program.

"I studied finance and innovation at Copenhagen Business School, in Copenhagen, Denmark during Fall Quarter 2009. I bore witness to the historic Copenhagen Climate conference, saw amazing concerts, and mingled with over a thousand other foreign students at the school."

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Mallory Peckels2009 graduate Mallory Peckels majored in social work and Spanish and studied abroad through the ISA Studies with Argentine Students at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires.

"I was immersed in the exciting, vibrant Argentine culture and blessed with a nurturing homestay family. My Spanish rapidly improved as I interacted and conversed with the Argentine people in the university, my soccer team, my homestay, and friends met through travel."

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Melissa Clowson

Melissa Clowson, a 2009 graduate who majored in human development and family science, studied abroad in Honduras through the Service-Learning at Montana de Luz program.

"I chose to work with a small group of adolescent girls from the orphanage where we stayed. Since most of the children at the orphanage suffered from abuse and/or HIV/AIDS, we implemented a mural-painting project that would help them to collaborate and see the positive results of something that they did."

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Karen Benko on the Charles Bridge in Prague

Karen Benko, a sophomore political science and international studies major, studied in the Czech Republic during Summer Quarter 2009 through the Intensive Czech Language Program.

"My experience was memorable because it was the first time I had been out of the country for an extended period of time. I became much more comfortable and confident in my languages abilities since I was constantly immersed in the Czech language."

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Justin Cade

Justin Cade, a PhD student in Slavic Linguistics, studied at St. Petersburg State University during Summer Quarter 2008.

"Having been to Russia once before, this trip was instrumental in pushing me towards the superior level of language proficiency. The teachers at St. Petersburg State are second to none, and I was also very fortunate to live with a great host family."


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Shannarese Sims

Sophomore health sciences major Shannarese Sims studied abroad in The Bahamas through the Office of Minority Affairs' Introduction to Study Abroad during Spring Break 2010.

"The purpose of this experience was to learn about the people of The Bahamas beyond the tourism that the country attracts. The small group who attended this trip visited several historical sites, spoke with officials (such as the Vice President of the College of Bahamas), and learned firsthand traditions."

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Angela Rhighi and classmates

Senior pre-pharmacy major Angela Righi studied at the Fundación José Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain during Summer Quarter 2008.

“For six weeks, I lived inside a renovated convent within the walls of Toledo, Spain, a medieval European city. Professors from Spanish universities pushed us to the limit with rather challenging literature, essays and presentations. We rewarded ourselves for our academic perseverance with mini vacations to all corners of Spain, seeing and experiencing so much that will never be forgotten."

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Tina Hrabak Tina Hrabak, an international studies major, studied French through the CIEF Intensive Summer French Language Program in Dijon during Summer Quarter 2008.

“During my two months in Dijon, France, I went from a beginner to intermediate speaking/reading/writing level and was able to see things I've dreamed about my entire life - the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Loire Valley.”

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Bethany StammenSenior animal science major Bethany Stammen participated in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences Animal Production study abroad program in Australia during Winter Quarter 2010.

"The most memorable part was going out into the country and experiencing the Australian farms first hand and learning about cutting edge animal welfare research. I am planning on becoming a food animal veterinarian, so the opportunity to talk to the farmers of Australia was amazing. They raise animals in such a different environment and in such a different way from Ohio that I learned a great deal."

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Richard MartzRichard Martz, a sophomore architecture major, traveled to Turkey with the Honors & Scholars Architecture - Istanbul program during Spring Break 2010.

"The architecture in Turkey was historical and educational, and gave us something concrete and more engaging to relate to, given our previous coursework. Until this trip I had never traveled abroad, but after doing so I believe I'll be more open and more considerate of my work and its meaning to an international audience."

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Drew EnigkJunior Drew Enigk studied abroad in Australia through the FAES Animal Production program during Winter Quarter 2010.

"Close contact with such diverse wildlife on this study abroad confirmed my intent to obtain my PhD in animal behavior and to perform research to improve enrichment for animals in zoos and help protect endangered animal species around the world. No matter where you study abroad, you will gain a new outlook on life. The experiences you undergo when in a foreign land prove to be so tangible, so real, that they truly begin to shape you into a worldly individual."

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Noorjahan RahmanRecent graduate Noorjahan Rahman studied abroad through the OSU Pre-Law Program at Oxford University during the summer of 2008.

"Being a part of the Pre-Law Program at Oxford helped me be certain of wanting to attend law school. Studying at Oxford really complimented my academics at Ohio State and when I returned to Columbus in the fall of 2008, I began doing independent research and working closely with a member of faculty in the history department to complete a senior honors thesis."

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Johnna EvansJohnna Evans, a 2009 graduate, studied Spanish in Ecuador during the summer of 2008.

"I studied abroad in Quito with about 30 other Ohio State students. While I was abroad, I had the freedom to travel and embrace the culture of Ecuador. I was able to break away from some American norms and came to understand a different culture on a personal level."

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