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SarahRettigJunior Sarah Rettig studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, through the ISA Barcelona, Spain: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts and Business program during autumn 2017.

"I believe study abroad is an opportunity that should never be passed up. Travel exposes you to completely new and unfamiliar environments, ways of life, ideas and cultures. Making my way in a foreign country in another language was a huge challenge and gave me greater confidence, independence and whole new view of the world. I think the challenges that living abroad poses and the memories you make on such a journey make study abroad a great opportunity for everyone. You never know how study abroad will change you and enable you to grow."

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JayneTouatiJayne Touati, a senior international studies major, studied abroad for a semester in Madrid, Spain, during autumn 2017. 

"My favorite transformational moment was when I was in Barcelona on the day Catalonia attempted to declare independence. I had then realized that despite the probable failure of the independence movement, I was actively watching history being made and seeing these people believe their world was going to change." 

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Julia Mattis takes in the view of Barcelona

Studio art major Julia Mattis is studying abroad at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain via ISA - International Studies Abroad. Julia is enrolled in four courses for spring semester and is finding time to explore other highlights of Europe.

Check out her photography blog for photos and stories of her explorations.

Learn more about studying abroad via the  education abroad program.

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Charlotte Fore in ParisMarketing major and French minor, Charlotte Fore is studying French at the Institut Catholique de Paris via ISA - International Studies Abroad for spring semster.

"This was from my first night right after I got into Paris. I was ridiculously jet lagged, but my roommate and I were walking around and eating crepes when we caught this amazing view of the Eiffel Tower at sunset."

More information about the ISA Paris, France: French Language & Liberal Arts at the Institut Catholique de Paris education abroad experience.

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Anna Guo, a senior studying neuroscience and political science, studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea, for six weeks during the summer of 2017. Anna's international experience was sponsored by the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship.

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Devany Howard in London, EnglandDevany Howard, a junior studying International Relations and Spanish, studied peace conflict resolution in England and Jordan during the summer of 2016. Devany's international experience was supported by the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship.

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Lindsey Kinderdine, ChileLindsey Kinderdine, a senior studying Spanish and international studies, traveled to Chile during her autumn 2015 semester with the ISA Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines program.

“Studying abroad in Valparaíso was an experience that forced me to develop my language skills, interact with people from all over the world, and develop a worldview that has influenced all aspects of my life.”

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Brandon Swanzer, New Zealand 2015Brandon Swanzer, a senior majoring in environment, economy, development and sustainability, traveled May 2015 with the program Sustaining Human Societies and the Environment - New Zealand

“If it were up to me study abroad would be required for all students. The experience I had was unforgettable and I cannot wait to get back out in the world and explore. There are currently 197 countries in the world and I’ve visited 4 of them. That means I have 193 more places to visit. I went to New Zealand with a lot of questions and came back with a lot of answers, but there’s one question that still resonates with me: Where do I go next?”

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Natalie Miller, Nicaragua 2015Natalie Miller, a first year studying agribusiness and applied economics, traveled abroad with the CFAES First Year Experience – Nicaragua program.

“Studying abroad at the conclusion of my first semester as a Buckeye was immensely beneficial as I was immersed in a learning environment that allowed me to understand the global importance of food, agricultural and environmental sciences.”

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Michael Capilupi, Antarctica 2015Michael Capilupi, a senior studying electrical and computer engineering, traveled with the program, Antarctic: Human Impacts on a Fragile Environment, during winter break 2015.

“In one of my classes at Ohio State, we learned about living through a single story. What I took away from this is that if we don’t go out and explore for ourselves, we will never truly understand what exactly this world offers to us. That’s why I chose to study abroad, to learn from a different perspective.”

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Clayton Perry, Antarctica 2015Clayton Perry, a graduate student studying environmental economics, traveled during winter break 2015 with the program Antarctica: Human Impacts on a Fragile Environment.

“I think study abroad is an invaluable part of someone’s college experience. Removing yourself from America allows for reflection on the way our society works, and helps students critically analyze our systems by removing themselves and diving into another culture. One reason I found this study abroad so compelling is that, unlike other trips that take someone to another culture that they can learn from and contrast with her/his experience at home, this trip attempts to rip someone out of the whole global system by taking them to the only continent to never support human society.”

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Marisa Lally, a Buckeye abroadGraduate student in higher education and student affairs, Marisa Lally, studied abroad on three occasions during her undergraduate career. Lally traveled to Chile with the ISA Spanish Language Program, she studied in Ecuador with the Youth Leadership and Service-Learning program and went to Indonesia through the Critical Language Scholarship program.

“My experiences abroad defined my undergraduate career and allowed me to form lifelong connections across the globe. Although study abroad certainly presents the opportunity to see beautiful cultural sites, eat delicious food, and make new best friends, it’s most important contribution was my personal growth and greater understanding of me as a citizen of the world.”

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José Polanco sight-seeing from the London EyeJosé Alejandro Juan Diego Polanco studied abroad in May 2015 with the program, U.S., Europe and the Second World War - Intersections in 20th Century History.

“Studying Abroad was honestly the most rewarding and beneficial experience I could have as a college student. I was reluctant at first because of the difficult history curriculum that conflicted with my physician assistant course load, but the transition from my science classes to my history and European culture classes was seamless.”

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Mehak Arora in ChinaMehak Arora, a senior studying theatre and entrepreneurship, traveled abroad in 2015 with the China Global May program.

“I came back to school much more adaptable and relaxed knowing how privileged I am to be at this university. Seeing how much of a collectivistic society China is has inspired me to lean on my friends and family more and understand how we are more powerful together.”

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Claire Erickson at an Argentina cowboy showClaire Erickson, a sophomore studying neuroscience, traveled to Argentina on the study abroad program, Global “Hotspots” of the Early Modern World: Buenos Aires.

“Studying abroad not only helped me get on track to graduate a year early, but also develop as a global citizen. I was given the opportunity to practice the language I'm studying, understand the political structure of a country without a two-party system, and delve into the development of a city and why its's structured the way it is today.”

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