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Shannon CoatesShannon Coates, a 2010 graduate in human development and family studies, studied abroad in Israel during Spring Quarter 2009 through the Living Jerusalem Study Tour.

"It is particularly important in the Middle East. So many Americans are so ignorant about life in the Middle East. I was asked if they had internet, if they had cars or rode donkeys, if they were civilized. These kinds of questions scare me and sadden me. You do not understand these people."

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Victoria McKennaVictoria McKenna, a sophomore in architecture, studied abroad in Turkey during Spring Break 2010 through the Honors and Scholars Architecture in Istanbul study abroad program.

"For my study abroad trip, I traveled to Turkey for ten days. We spent seven days in Istanbul and traveled the other three days throughout the country, visiting the ancient cities of Troy and Pergama. My trip was through the architecture school at OSU, and so, had a heavy itinerary of architectural sights. Getting to experience a culture so different than my own is what made this trip memorable for me."

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Yena ParkYena Park, a sophomore in psychology and human development and family science, studied abroad in England during Spring Quarter 2010 through the London Psychology study abroad program.

"Being able to stand in the actual room where the kings, queens and famous philosophers used to live, bathe and dine was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Although I love going to museums and looking at ancient artifacts, it was even more awesome to walk through the places and being able to stand in the very room where Freud came up with his theories or where the queen took a bath."

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Amber SeiraAmber Seira, a sophomore in visual communications and pre-design, studied abroad in Bolivia during Spring Break 2010 through the International Affairs Scholars Program.

"My time spent in Bolivia was filled with adventures waiting for me at every minute! My study abroad program was a brief ten day exposure to the country, basically a cross-country tour. Days were filled with trips to historical landmarks, missions, ruins, as well as cultural experiences with the people and the town/city we were in."

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Emily MenterSenior photography major Emily Menter participated in the Honors and Scholars Community Engagement in the Americas study abroad program in Nicaragua during Spring Quarter.

"While abroad, I was introduced to many aspects of Nicaraguan culture that I was unaware of. As a group, we spoke with representatives from the U.S. Embassy, and were able to form strong opinions concerning the U.S. governments involvement in Nicaragua. We also were able to visit many families and groups in Nicaragua who are a part of the Fair Trade Organization."

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Junior psychology major Caleb Lesley participated in the London Psychology study abroad program in England during Spring Quarter.

"What truly made my study abroad experience memorable were the people. We had such a unique group of people on the trip that there were tons and tons of random experiences that wouldn't have happened had we not had the blend of students that we did."

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Brittani JonesSenior animal science major Brittani Jones studied abroad in Brazil during Winter Quarter 2010 through the FAES Abroad: Alpha Zeta Partners Program.

"During my study abroad experience we took classes in Brazilian economics, history and rural sociology. We traveled to many different kinds of farms, including dairy and beef, orange and apple farms. We experienced a whole new culture -- the Brazilian way."

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Katherine NewmanKatherine Newman, a senior in human development and family science, studied abroad in the Dominican Republic during Winter Quarter 2010 through the FAES Program in International Development.

"Staying at Universidad ISA allowed me to really soak in the culture of the Dominican Republic. Every week we went on field trips to places like banana and coffee plantations, waterfalls, farms, and various factories and plants. We had the opportunity to visit many cities within the country and really get a sense of the development taking place in the country."

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Jessica SolomonSenior animal sciences major Jessica Solomon traveled to Chile through the FAES Agriculture and Agro-Ecosystems in Chile Program.

"Over a ten-day period, we traveled around the country meeting Chileans involved in different aspects of agriculture, from seed production to raising horses for rodeos. We were able to visit some national parks, an offshore island called Chiloe, an aquaculture facility, and multiple markets. We even had a couple occasions to interact with agriculture students from a university in Santiago."

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Natalie DonahueGraduate student Natalie Donahue expanded upon her study of public policy through the Democracy Building in the Ukraine Study Tour Program.

"On the 12-day trip to Ukraine, our 10-person group participated in a number of activities, such as visiting the capital, Kyiv, visiting Parliament, and meeting with experts and university students to talk about democratization efforts, security interests, and the economy of Ukraine. We worked in teams to produce a report outlining these three topics, then traveled to Washington D.C. to present our findings to government agencies."

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Jeff HarrJeff Harr, a senior in sustainable development and planning major, studied abroad in Denmark during Fall Quarter 2009 through the Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Exchange Program.

"I studied finance and innovation at Copenhagen Business School, in Copenhagen, Denmark during Fall Quarter 2009. I bore witness to the historic Copenhagen Climate conference, saw amazing concerts, and mingled with over a thousand other foreign students at the school."

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Mallory Peckels2009 graduate Mallory Peckels majored in social work and Spanish and studied abroad through the ISA Studies with Argentine Students at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires.

"I was immersed in the exciting, vibrant Argentine culture and blessed with a nurturing homestay family. My Spanish rapidly improved as I interacted and conversed with the Argentine people in the university, my soccer team, my homestay, and friends met through travel."

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Melissa Clowson

Melissa Clowson, a 2009 graduate who majored in human development and family science, studied abroad in Honduras through the Service-Learning at Montana de Luz program.

"I chose to work with a small group of adolescent girls from the orphanage where we stayed. Since most of the children at the orphanage suffered from abuse and/or HIV/AIDS, we implemented a mural-painting project that would help them to collaborate and see the positive results of something that they did."

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Karen Benko on the Charles Bridge in Prague

Karen Benko, a sophomore political science and international studies major, studied in the Czech Republic during Summer Quarter 2009 through the Intensive Czech Language Program.

"My experience was memorable because it was the first time I had been out of the country for an extended period of time. I became much more comfortable and confident in my languages abilities since I was constantly immersed in the Czech language."

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Justin Cade

Justin Cade, a PhD student in Slavic Linguistics, studied at St. Petersburg State University during Summer Quarter 2008.

"Having been to Russia once before, this trip was instrumental in pushing me towards the superior level of language proficiency. The teachers at St. Petersburg State are second to none, and I was also very fortunate to live with a great host family."


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