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China Gateway Sesquicentennial Activities

China AE3C196A webIn celebration of Ohio State’s sesquicentennial, the China Gateway will interview 15 Ohio State alumni from different ages, backgrounds and majors. The main purpose is to connect China and the university during the past 150 years. The alumni stories will be posted through the China Gateway and the Office of International Affairs social media platforms. Currently, the China Gateway has posted four stories through the China Gateway Wechat and Weibo. For more details, please feel free to follow us at OSUChina WeChat and Weibo.

The China Gateway is planning an O-H-I-O Photo Competition to better promote and connect the alumni clubs and groups. The photos can be O-H-I-O in front of a famous landmark or O-H-I-O with interesting stories. The deadline for the photo competition is January 2, 2020. The best four photos will be selected will be exhibited in the China Gateway office in March.